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Guide To 1% Percent For The Planet - Everything You Need To Know To Become A Member

Updated: Feb 27

Guide To 1% Percent For The Planet - Everything You Need To Know To Become A Member

1% for the Planet is a global organization that connects businesses and individuals with environmentally friendly initiatives all over the world.

By becoming a member of 1% for The Planet, you are committing to donating 1% of your annual income to approved environmental charities. 1% for the Planet membership signifies a business’ high-bar commitment to people and the planet.

So far, over 5,100 businesses from 60 countries have joined with over 5,600 approved non-profit partners from 95 countries. Since starting in 2002, over $410million has been given to date.

In this article, we will explore what you need to do in order to become a member.

Who are 1% for the Planet?

1% for the Planet is a global organization that exists to ensure our planet and future generations thrive by inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental nonprofits through membership and everyday actions.

They make environmental giving easy and effective through partnership advising, impact storytelling and third-party certification.

Some notable business members include Maine Beer Company, Bank of the West, Patagonia, MadTree Brewing, OXO, Ooni Pizza Ovens, Pukka Herbs and many more.

1% for the Planet Non-profit Partners work on a diverse range of environmental problems, ensuring a multifaceted approach to our planet’s most pressing issues.

Started in 2002 by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, and Craig Mathews, founder of Blue Ribbon Flies, their business members and individual members have given hundreds of millions of dollars to our approved non-profit partners to date.

  • 1% for the Planet accelerates smart environmental giving

  • 1% for the Planet works to prevent green-washing, certify reputable giving and provide accountability for environmental giving.

  • Why 1% of annual sales? For businesses of any size, 1% of sales, not profits, is a real and substantial commitment.

Getting Started With 1% for the Planet

From small to big companies, it is a global community of businesses supporting non-profits together on environmental concerns for the future benefit of the planet.

Business members can support approved environmental nonprofits by donating the equivalent of 1% of sales through a combination of monetary, in-kind and approved promotional expenses.

1% for the Planet Member Benefits

As soon as you join, members receive access to their well-known logos and branding materials, including a digital member toolkit.

You may develop a 1% for the Planet component in your brand narrative or story and demonstrate your environmental awareness and corporate responsibility with these resources.

Stakeholders leverage the 1% for the Planet logo on a wide range of distribution channels, including but not limited to: product packaging, print and digital advertising, web, social media, brand communications and more.

  • The 1% for the Planet logo is on millions of products and services worldwide, featured widely and is growing in awareness every day. In short: this globally recognized, trusted platform gives your giving even more power.

  • 1% for the Planet provides personalized giving strategies and forges powerful partnerships between businesses, individuals and environmental nonprofits to ensure the most impact possible.

  • Business members and individual members give directly to environmental causes meaning there’s no middleman between members and their nonprofit partner(s).

Give 1% of Annual Sales

All business members commit to giving at least 1% of their annual sales revenue to 1% for the Planet and other approved environmental non-profits. The one-time activation fee and annual dues count toward your annual 1% commitment.

Optional Flexibility In Giving

They know that giving back 1% of annual sales is no small feat. That’s why they offer flexible giving options to help members reach their commitment. Members can donate products, services, employee volunteer time and certain types of advertising costs to non-profit partner(s).

  1. Monetary donations (includes annual membership dues and activation fee).

  2. Non-monetary donations (employee volunteer time, product or service donations, approved promotional support)

Annual Certification

Certification is pivotal to the credibility of their global network, so they are a leader in certification. As their logo represents transparency, they hold their members accountable for their commitment to environmental philanthropy. Their impact to date, stories of partnership, and of the global community demonstrate integrity and credibility.

Each year, members provide annual revenue documentation (tax return, P&L statement, or letter from their certified accountant) and proof of monetary, volunteer, and in-kind support to approved non-profit partners. 1% for the Planet reviews that documentation confidentially and certifies that they have fulfilled their 1% commitment for the year.

1% for the Planet's Fees and Dues

Guide To 1% Percent For The Planet - How to become a member

Membership Activation Fee

All new members pay a one-time 200 USD membership activation fee.

Annual 1% for the Planet Membership Dues

Business members pay annual membership dues for 1% for the Planet services, support, and the use of our logo. This counts toward their total 1% for the Planet commitment in addition to any donations they make to approved non-profit partners to meet their commitment.

Dues start at 300 USD for businesses that earn less than 200,000 USD and are prorated if you join in Q3 or Q4 of your fiscal year.

For a small business or start-up, membership dues and activation fees may make up the majority or entirety of your 1% commitment. As your business grows, so will your 1% commitment and the amount you give back.

If your expected revenue is higher than 200,000 USD, please refer to their annual membership dues chart to determine your dues amount

1% for the Planet Business Membership Checklist


The steps to join are simple.

  1. Request a membership agreement

  2. Review, sign & submit the agreement via email

  3. Pay activation fee and membership dues


If the activation fee and dues do not cover your entire 1% commitment, you’ll give to approved nonprofit(s).

  1. Select from our network of approved nonprofits

  2. Give directly to nonprofit partner(s) & save the documentation (e.g. payment receipt or thank you letter)


Certification is key to the integrity of their model. Once your fiscal year ends, you have a 4-month window to certify the previous year.

  1. Pay renewal dues for the new year

  2. Submit annual revenue documentation

  3. Submit proof of donations

  4. 1% for the Planet reviews and certifies your 1% commitment


1% for the Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through annual membership and everyday actions. They advise on giving strategies, certify donations and amplify the impact of their network.

When you join 1% for the Planet, you become connected to others who care about environmental causes, just like you. With membership in over 90 countries on every continent, your business gains the ability and company recognition to make a difference everywhere — or right where you live!

At Diveristech Global, we can facilitate membership for your sustainable product line. Talk to a member of our team to get started.


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