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How To Find The Best Private Label Manufacturers For Your Brand

Updated: Feb 27

How To Find The Best Private Label Manufacturers

Private labeling is a great way to stand out from the countless other products on sale in stores and online.

A private-label product is manufactured and supplied by one company but owned by another company and exclusively sold by them. It gives more control over production requirements, pricing, marketing, brand recognition, and profitability.

When you're ready to take your business from an idea into reality, finding the best private label manufacturer is essential. This guide will assist you in searching for the best private label suppliers for your business and brand.

Table of Contents:

Who Are Private Label Manufacturers?

Private label manufacturers are companies that produce products for other brands and most usually specialize in a product line or range of products. They can be found all over the world, and manufacture a wide variety of products, including food, beverage, cosmetics, and more.

They have the facilities and capacity to design and develop products, manufacture to specifications, and package products according to a customer's requirements.

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What To Look For In Private Label Manufacturers

Private label manufacturers come in all shapes and sizes, but it's important to find the perfect match for your business. It's critical to find a reputable, dependable private label supplier for your company. What does a decent private label manufacturer look like?

1. What Is Their Product Specialization?

Finding the perfect manufacturer is a difficult task. You need to find someone with specialized experience in producing your type of product, as well as their own track record and success at it. They should also be able to offer production samples, documentation, and feedback from past customers who requested similar products or services through them before you make up your mind on whether they're right for what needs doing.

2. How Is Their Manufacturing Quality Standard?

Look for quality in your private label manufacturers by researching them on forums and eCommerce websites for feedback from previous customers. Or, use supplier directories to find trusted suppliers that are well-reviewed by genuine customers like yourself. It’s always a good idea to get samples before committing. While something may look great online with stunning images at every turn; sometimes these pictures only tell a part of the story once things get closer.

A lot goes down behind closed doors during the production process, so some sellers even go down into factories themselves to inspect production processes, health and safety standards to get a first-hand look.

3. What Is Their Pricing Structure?

Private labelling is a great way to get your product into the hands of customers at competitive prices. You can secure these deals by negotiating and getting quotes from several manufacturers. Ask about their minimum order requirements, any sample products available for purchase, and production volume discounts that will be offered if you buy large quantities in bulk.

4. What Are Their Shipping and Delivery Terms?

Manufacturers have tough and tight deadlines - you are not their sole customer! If you want your private label product delivered on time, make sure that the manufacturer has a good track record for delivery. You need to find out costs to ship in bulk, the turnaround time on orders, custom regulations for overseas shipping etc.

5. Are They A Legitimate Business Enterprise?

When you're ready to get in touch with a supplier, it's important to perform due diligence on the company to verify they are a legitimately registered company and are licensed with all correct business and manufacturing certifications. In turn, your company should be the same with the correct business paperwork, registrations and bank accounts.

Where To Find Private Label Manufacturers

Basic Internet Search

One way to find private label manufacturers is by searching online marketplaces for your desired product and then contacting the supplier. You will need to search keywords related specifically to what type of goods are needed. For example, is a private-label supplier and specialist manufacturer for DIY tools, from design and development to final packaging.

B2B Website Marketplaces

If sifting and digging through long search results doesn’t sound appealing, then specialist Business to Business websites or supplier directories are the next ideal step. Consider B2B websites like Alibaba, Thomasnet, and SaleHoo.

Tradeshows and Expos

Visit trade shows, conventions, conferences, and local business networking groups to make connections in your area to find private label manufacturers.

How To Contact A Private Label Manufacturer

How To Contact A Private Label Manufacturer

Be Prepared

When you're ready to start contacting a private label supplier, gather as much information about them before reaching out. Make sure that the company actually appears to be able to provide what you require. Are they actually a Private Label Manufacturer? or a white-label manufacturer (a generic product also sold by others with just a brand slapped onto it), or even both.

Prepare a list of written questions so that nothing is forgotten especially if contact is made verbally rather than by email. See the section above What to Look for in Private Label Manufacturers for pointers for the kind of questions you should be asking before any commitment is made.

Be Professional and Clear

It is important to keep in mind that when contacting private label manufacturers, you should be professional and polite. You can do this by doing your research ahead of time so as not to have any surprises during the conversation - being clear and specific about what is exactly you want will help move things along quicker too!


With so many private label manufacturers out there, it can often be difficult to find the best one for your brand. The key is doing the necessary research and vetting each company thoroughly before you commit with them.

Make sure they have experience in manufacturing products like yours; do their facilities meet quality standards; will they work within your budget if not upfront cost-saving benefits exist; and finally, how responsive has this manufacturer been to customer service requests or inquiries?

After considering these factors and more, we know you’ll be able to find the right partner for both long-term success as well as quick turnaround times!

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