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11pc Hose Clamp Pliers Kit. Auto, Vehicle and Engine Tool Set for Repairs and Maintenance. All in a Compact Case
SKU: T10016


Prepare to tackle any hose clamp challenge in the garage with a comprehensive toolkit designed for the task. This collection brings together essential tools for working on cars, vehicles, and engines, all neatly organized in a single, compact case for convenience and portability.

Engineered for both the professional mechanic and the DIY enthusiast, this toolkit provides the versatility needed to manage hose clamps effortlessly. The inclusion of a flexible extension adds an extra layer of maneuverability, making tight spaces more accessible and repairs smoother.


UNMATCHED VERSATILITY - From tightening to loosening hose clamps, this set covers all bases. The variety of pliers ensures that no clamp is beyond reach, making it an indispensable asset for any repair or maintenance job.

PRECISION AND ACCESSIBILITY - Equipped with a flexible extension, accessing hard-to-reach areas becomes a breeze. The precision tools included cater to a wide range of needs, allowing for meticulous work on any vehicle or engine with ease.

EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE - Say goodbye to cluttered toolboxes. This kit's compact carrying case keeps everything organized and portable. With a size that's perfect for both storage and transport, maintaining and repairing vehicles has never been more convenient.


• Wire tube plier -- For manipulating wire-based clamps.
• Screwdriver -- Essential for adjustments and fixes.
• Oil seal driver -- Perfect for installing and removing oil seals.
• Straight c-type tube plier & Straight o-type tube plier -- Versatile tools for straight clamp operations.
• Tiger-shaped plier -- Unique design for specialized tasks.
• Fuel line separator plier -- Ideal for disconnecting fuel lines.
• Tin head tube plier & Bent 45° tube plier -- For specific angle accesses and manipulations.
• Weight: 3.1kg.
• Packing Dimensions: 415 x 275 x 90mm.


-- Comprehensive Vehicle Maintenance -- Ensures readiness for routine and advanced vehicle upkeep.
-- Engine Repairs -- Facilitates precise adjustments and fixes within engine systems.
-- Hard-to-Reach Areas -- Flexible extension allows for effortless access to confined spaces.
-- Professional Garage Use -- A must-have for providing top-notch service and repairs.
-- DIY Projects -- Empowers enthusiasts to tackle hose clamp challenges confidently.

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