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126pc Auto Garage DIY Hand Tools Kit Set including Sockets, Pliers and Wire Strippers
SKU: DT30031


A toolkit that is as comprehensive as it is versatile, this set caters to a multitude of tasks in an automotive garage setting. Crafted with precision, each tool is designed to offer reliability and efficiency, making it a trusted companion for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

The expansive 126-piece collection includes everything from sockets and wire strippers to a 60-piece wall hanging kit. This ensures that whether it's a minor repair or a major project, users have the right tool at their disposal. With this set, every task becomes manageable, and every challenge becomes an opportunity.


DURABILITY AND EFFICIENCY - Each tool in this set is meticulously crafted from high-quality materials. This ensures longevity and optimal performance even under rigorous usage. The chrome-vanadium (Cr-V) construction of the bits offers high strength and durability. Moreover, the inclusion of a 3.5M tape measure with an ABS casing ensures accurate measurements, adding to the efficiency of the set.

VERSATILITY AND CONVENIENCE - The versatility of this toolkit is truly remarkable. It includes a variety of sockets catering to different sizes of nuts and bolts, precision screwdrivers for intricate tasks, and wire strippers for electrical work. Furthermore, the inclusion of a 60-piece wall hanging kit not only helps keep the workspace organized but also ensures that every tool is within reach, thereby enhancing convenience.

PERFORMANCE AND RELIABILITY - The tools in this kit are designed to deliver superior performance. Be it the adjustable wrench for various fastening tasks or the spirit level for ensuring alignment, each tool serves a specific purpose. The inclusion of an electrical tester and an array of screwdrivers further enhances the reliability of this set, making it an indispensable addition to any garage or workshop.


• 126pc Hand Tools Kit - A comprehensive selection of high-quality tools.
• 3.5M Tape Measure (ABS Shell) - For accurate measurements in various tasks.
• 40pc 1in Bits - Made from high-strength chrome-vanadium steel for various fastening tasks.
• 8in Adjustable Wrench - Offers a wide range of jaw openings.
• Bit Handle (175mm) - For quick and easy bit changes.
• #2*4 Screwdriver - Ideal for various fastening tasks.
• 1/4''*4 Flathead Screwdriver - Perfect for screws with a straight, shallow slot.
• Wire Strippers - Essential for any electrical work.
• 8oz Claw Hammer - Suitable for various hammering tasks.
• 12pc 1/4 dr Sockets 4-13 - For different sizes of nuts and bolts.
• 9in Spirit Level - For ensuring accurate alignment.
• Electrical Tape - For insulating wires and cables.
• Electrical Tester (Transparent, CE Certified) - For safely testing the presence of voltage.
• 5-piece Precision Bits - For intricate repairs.
• 6in Pliers (45# Polished) - Great for cutting and twisting wires.
• 6in Steel (45# Polished) - High-strength steel for heavy-duty tasks.
• 8in Water Pump Pliers - For gripping and turning pipes or nuts.
• 6in Mini Hacksaw - For cutting through metal or plastic.
• 2 Spare Saw Blades - Durable replacements for your mini hacksaw.
• 60pc Wall Hanging Kit of nails, hooks and wall anchors/plugs
• Utility Knife - For general cutting tasks.


-- The various sockets and adjustable wrench make this kit ideal for automotive repairs, suitable for various parts and sizes.
-- The precision screwdrivers and bits can be used for intricate tasks such as assembling small components or making minor adjustments.
-- The claw hammer and hardware box are perfect for tasks that require force, such as driving in nails or breaking apart objects.
-- The electrical tester and wire strippers make this toolkit suitable for minor electrical repairs or installations.

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