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12pc 1/4" Drive Metric 5-14mm Socket Set with Ratchet Wrench & Extension Bar
SKU: DT50401


A compact, robust and versatile tool set, expertly crafted to address a wide array of DIY tasks. This set features the most commonly used metric sockets, an efficient ratchet handle, and an extension bar for hard-to-reach areas. Its space-saving design and durable build make it an indispensable companion for any home or garage project.

This toolkit ensures quick and effortless assembly with its user-friendly design. The ratchet handle enables swift fastening and loosening while the handy extension bar enhances reach in tight spaces. A convenient on-rail storage system keeps everything organized and easy to find, making DIY tasks a breeze.


EFFICIENT AND VERSATILE - This compact toolkit offers a comprehensive range of tools necessary for various household and garage tasks. It includes metric sockets, a ratchet handle, and an extension bar, all designed for efficient nut and bolt assembly. Its portable design is ideal for space-saving storage and easy transportation.

DURABLE AND RELIABLE - The tools are made from heat-treated Chromium-Vanadium steel, ensuring long-lasting durability and resistance to rust. The 6-point hexagon sockets prevent round-off and provide better torque application. The ratchet handle features a quick-release button for secure attachment of sockets and a 72-teeth gear for precision turning.

USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN - The toolkit's design prioritizes convenience and ease of use. The ratchet handle and extension bar allow for fast and effortless turning, even in cramped positions. The sockets on-a-rail system ensures easy picking and storing, eliminating the risk of lost pieces.


• 1/4" Drive Ratcheting Handle: Soft-grip handle for maximum torque, 2-way direction switch, Heat treated Chromium-Vanadium steel body for extra hardness, 72-teeth gear for precision turning
• Metric Hex Sockets (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14mm): 6-point sockets grip all sides of fastener heads, Heat treated Chromium-Vanadium steel for extra hardness
• 100mm Extension Bar: For reaching narrow or recessed turning points


-- Home Renovation Projects: The durable construction and wide range of socket sizes make this tool set perfect for tackling various tasks in home renovation projects, from installing cabinetry to updating fixtures.

-- Motorcycle Maintenance: Motorcycle enthusiasts will appreciate the compact size and precision of this set for adjusting or repairing parts in the tight spaces of a bike's engine and frame.

-- Outdoor Equipment Repairs: Ideal for maintaining and repairing outdoor equipment like lawn mowers and garden tools, ensuring they're ready for every season.

-- Electronics and Appliance Modifications: The precision turning capability of the 72-teeth gear ratchet makes this set suitable for electronics and small appliance modifications, where careful handling and tight spaces are common.

-- Building Custom Furniture: Woodworkers and hobbyists building custom furniture can benefit from the versatility and robustness of this set for assembling and adjusting wooden structures with ease.

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