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1pc EVA Zipper Case for Combination Wrenches - 19 Items Capacity
SKU: DT30244


Introducing a neat and practical solution for storing and organizing wrenches - a tailor-made tool case with universal compatibility. This case caters to both metric and standard wrench sets, accommodating sizes from SAE 1/4 to 1", and Metric 6 to 24 mm. Crafted from resilient EVA material, the case boasts waterproof and dust-proof properties, ensuring the longevity of stored tools.

The fine stitching coupled with the absence of glue bonding in the inner lining enhances load-bearing capacity. This ensures no tearing or falling off during use, providing robust protection against scratches, damages, bumps, and drops, thereby extending the lifespan of the tools.


VERSATILITY AND DURABILITY - The case caters to a wide range of wrench sizes and models, offering universal compatibility. Crafted from highly durable EVA material, it boasts waterproof and dust-proof features that ensure the protection and longevity of the stored tools. The inner lining, designed with fine stitching and no glue bonding, enhances the case's load-bearing capacity, ensuring no tearing or falling off during use.

CLASSIFIED STORAGE DESIGN - The case offers organized storage with its categorized design. The high elastic band, exquisitely crafted, securely holds different sizes and models of wrenches in place. This feature allows for easy access and quick identification of the required tool, saving time and promoting efficiency.

SAFE SEAL WITH EXTRA SPACE - The case features a smooth, well-made double zipper closure system that ensures secure storage of all tools. It also provides extra space for other small accessories, enhancing its utility. The full opening and closing design facilitates easy selection of different wrenches, improving maintenance efficiency.


• Material: High-quality, durable EVA material with waterproof properties.
• Compatibility: Universal fit for wrench sets (SAE 1/4 to 1", Metric 6 to 24 mm).
• Design: Classified storage design with a high elastic band for secure tool holding.
• Closure: Well-made double zipper closure system for secure storage.


-- Auto Repairs: The case's universal compatibility and organized storage design make it ideal for storing various tools required for automotive tasks.
-- Equipment Maintenance: With its robust construction and easy access design, the case is perfect for storing and transporting tools needed for machinery and equipment maintenance.
-- Home DIY Projects: The versatility of the case makes it a valuable tool for a wide array of home improvement tasks.
-- Professional Use: Its durable construction and unique features make this case a reliable choice for professional mechanics and contractors.
-- Portable Tool Kit: The inclusion of a double zipper closure system and extra space for small accessories make it an essential component of any portable tool kit.

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1pc EVA Zipper Case for Combination Wrenches - 19 Items Capacity
SKU: DT30244

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