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24pc Home DIY Hand Tool Kit Set including Combination Wrenches in a Roll-Up Fabric Tool Bag
SKU: DT4945


Every DIY enthusiast and careful homeowner knows the importance of a comprehensive, high-quality tool kit. This particular set, with its variety of essential hand tools meticulously stored in a roll-up fabric bag, is designed to tackle any task with ease and precision.

The set includes a range of versatile tools, each crafted with durability in mind. From combination wrenches to screwdrivers, this kit is an embodiment of functionality, making it an indispensable addition to any toolbox, be it for a seasoned handy-person or a novice DIY user.


ESSENTIAL AND VERSATILE - The tool kit set is equipped with a wide array of hand tools, ensuring readiness for any task at hand. The inclusion of both metric hex keys and combination wrenches in various sizes adds to its universal appeal, making it a reliable companion for tasks that require precision and finesse.

DURABILITY AND PERFORMANCE - Each tool in this set is crafted with an unwavering focus on durability and performance. The 18mm utility knife and 8oz fibreglass handle claw hammer are designed for heavy-duty work, while the pliers offer flexibility in handling different tasks. All these tools are housed in a roll-up fabric bag, ensuring they remain in top condition, ready for the next task.

EFFICIENCY AND ORGANIZATION - The tool kit set is as user-friendly as it is comprehensive. Tools like the screwdrivers make fastening tasks easy, while the combination wrenches ensure efficient handling of various sizes of nuts and bolts. The cylinder bag provides organized storage, making it easier to locate the right tool when needed.


• 1pcs Cylinder bag for easy storage and transportation.
• 11pcs Metric hex key set for dealing with metric screws and bolts.
• 1 pc 18mm utility knife for cutting tasks.
• 1pc 8oz fibreglass handle claw hammer for heavy duty hammering tasks.
• 1pc 150mm combination pliers for gripping and manipulating large objects.
• 1pc 150mm wire pliers for cutting and manipulating wires.
• 1pc 150mm needle nose pliers for precision work in small areas.
• 1pc 6 x 100mm slot/flathead screwdriver.
• 1pc PH2 x 100mm crosshead screwdriver for Phillips head screws.
• 5pc combination wrench set: 10-12-13-14-15mm for working with different sizes of nuts and bolts.


-- Use the claw hammer and utility knife for assembling furniture, ensuring sturdy and precise construction.
-- Utilize the combination wrench set and hex key set for bike repairs, catering to different sizes and types of nuts and bolts.
-- Employ the screwdrivers for repairs and fixes, effectively dealing with a range of screws.
-- Leverage the combination pliers and wire pliers for plumbing repairs, providing grip and control.
-- The needle nose pliers are perfect for jewelry making or intricate wire work, providing precision and control.

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