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25pc Pin Punch Tool Kit Set. Includes a Soft-Rubber Head Mallet and Bench Block
SKU: DT10245


Built for precision and durability, this comprehensive pin punch tool kit is a versatile addition to any toolkit. Crafted from 40# chrome vanadium steel with a special heat treatment, these tools are designed for jewelers, watchmakers, and carpenters, as well as those working on machinery, vehicles, and crafts. The set includes a range of punch sizes and types, with a focus on quality and durability to withstand rigorous use.

The kit also features a detachable hammer with four interchangeable heads and a specially designed bench block. This all-in-one set ensures users have everything they need for a wide range of tasks, from delicate jewelry repairs to robust woodworking projects.


VERSATILITY AND DURABILITY - The pin punch tool kit boasts a variety of different punch sizes and types, including hollow end starter punches, flat pin punches, and roll pin punches. Made from 40# chrome vanadium steel and heat-treated for added durability, these tools are designed to withstand heavy use and provide precise results every time.

PRACTICAL ADDITIONS - The kit doesn't stop at punches. It includes a detachable chrome-plated steel hammer with four replaceable heads (brass, chrome, nylon, and rubber), allowing users to select the right tool for their specific needs. The non-slip design of the hammer provides a better grip during use, enhancing user control and accuracy.

SPECIALIZED BENCH BLOCK - The bench block included in the set offers a durable surface finish to protect items from scratches during drifting and staking. It features a variety of grooves and channels for different tasks, such as main spring removal, front sight staking, rear sight drift, link pin removal, slide rail dressing, and ejection port dressing. This makes it an invaluable aid for maintenance tasks.


• Punch Set: Includes 8 Carbon Steel Punches (1/8", 9/64", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", 1/4", 9/32", 5/16"), 2 Plastic Pin Punches (15/64", 3/8"), 4 Hollow End Starter Punches (1/16”,5/64”,3/32”,1/8”), 2 Flat Pin Punches (1/16" and 3/32"), and 2 Roll Pin Punches (1/16" and 3/32").
• Hammer: Detachable, chrome-plated steel hammer with four replaceable heads (brass, chrome, nylon, rubber).
• Material: All tools made from durable 40# chrome vanadium steel with heat treatment.
• Bench Block: Durable surface finish, features various grooves and channels for specific tasks.
• 2pc Tool Wipe Cloths
• Pin Alignment Tweezers


-- For jewelers needing precision tools for intricate work.
-- Perfect for watchmakers performing delicate repairs or adjustments.
-- Useful for carpenters requiring sturdy and durable tools for woodworking tasks.
-- Great for mechanics needing a diverse range of tools for vehicle maintenance.
-- Essential for craft enthusiasts looking for an all-in-one tool kit for various projects.

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