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32pc 1/2” Drive Metric 6 & 12 Points Socket Set. Includes Ratcheting Handle and Accessories
SKU: DT20234


Discover an all-encompassing solution for a multitude of tasks with this meticulously curated tool set. From precision-crafted metric sockets to versatile driver bits, this collection is designed to tackle any challenge. Housed in a tough tool box case with folding snap-locks, these tools are easily accessible and transportable.

The ratcheting handle, universal joint, extension bars, spark plug sockets, and socket adapter enhance the functionality of the set, ensuring every need is catered to. Made from premium CR-V steel, these tools offer excellent strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion.


SUPERIOR MATERIAL QUALITY - Experience the power of CR-V steel that boasts strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. The bright, reflective chrome plating enhances the aesthetic appeal while offering protection against wear and tear. This ensures that the tools can withstand the torque and pressure of tightening and loosening bolts and nuts, prolonging their lifespan and performance.

ADVANCED SOCKET DESIGN - The 6-point impact socket provides a greater torque capacity, making it easy to insert onto the fastener. The range of sizes can accommodate different types of fasteners. The 12-point socket, on the other hand, can be inserted from multiple angles, enhancing accessibility to fasteners in tight or hard-to-reach spaces.

EFFICIENT RATCHET SET - Equipped with a rubber anti-slip handle and a dual-direction design, the quick-release ratchet wrench is simple yet efficient. The set includes a universal joint and two extension bars that can connect with the ratchet wrench for easy access to narrow places. Each tool is neatly stored in a heavy-duty case with labeled slots for easy identification.


• 19pcs 6-point sockets(8-32mm): High torque capacity, Easy insertion
• 6pcs 12-point sockets(10-19mm): Easy engagement, Enhanced accessibility
• 1pcs ratchet wrench: Rubber anti-slip handle, Dual direction design
• 1pc universal joint: Connects with ratchet wrench, Accesses narrow places
• 2pcs extension bar(5" 10"): Connects with ratchet wrench, Enhances reach
• 2pcs spark plug socket (16mm 21mm): Accommodates spark plugs, Durable construction
• 1pc socket adapter(3/8"F to 1/2"M): Increases compatibility, Allows use of sockets and accessories with a 3/8" drive tool


-- Ideal for automotive repairs: The variety of socket sizes accommodates different bolt sizes.
-- Perfect for assembling or disassembling furniture: The range of bits and sockets can handle varying bolt sizes.
-- Excellent for construction projects: The durable and precise tools can withstand demanding tasks.
-- Suitable for DIY home improvement tasks: The set offers the right tool for every project.
-- A must-have for professional tradespeople: The comprehensive set ensures a tool for any job is always at hand.

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