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35pc Computer Network Cable Repair Tool Kit Set including 30pc Connectors and Screws Set
SKU: DT40154


For those passionate about electronics and computer hardware, this comprehensive toolkit is a dream come true. With a wide array of tools specifically designed for intricate tasks, users can effortlessly install, remove, or reconfigure components, making it an ideal choice for both hobbyists and professionals.

This kit's versatility extends beyond just computer repair, serving as a reliable companion for any electronic device maintenance. From building a PC from scratch to routine device upkeep, this set ensures that every task is handled with precision and ease.


VERSATILITY AT ITS BEST - This set is not just a collection of tools; it's a complete solution for all computer and electronic device maintenance needs. The kit includes everything from a three-claw parts retriever for those hard-to-reach components to a chip extractor for safe removal of integrated circuits. The set also features an anti-static wrist band to protect sensitive components from static discharge, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

PRECISION AND CONTROL - The toolkit comes with a selection of hand tools designed for precision tasks. The long nose pliers and side cutter are perfect for detailed work, while the reversible ratchet handle paired with assorted bits caters to various fastening needs. The pen-shaped screwdriver tool with an in-built LED light adds convenience, allowing users to work in low light conditions.

ORGANIZATION AND PORTABILITY - The toolkit is neatly packed in a utility component storage case, ensuring each tool has its designated place. It also includes a variety of connectors, screws, and an Ethernet cable for immediate networking needs. This compact and organized setup makes transportation effortless, making the toolkit a portable solution for on-the-go repairs and installations.


• 3 Claw Parts Retriever: Ideal for retrieving small parts in tight spaces.
• Tweezers: Perfect for handling tiny components.
• Chip Extractor: Safely removes integrated circuits.
• 5” Long Nose Pliers: Great for precision tasks.
• 4 1/2” Side Cutter: For cutting wires and small components.
• Reversible Ratchet Handle: Facilitates easy fastening and unfastening.
• Assorted Bits: Suitable for different types of screws.
• 5pcs Socket Set: Fits various bolt sizes.
• Anti-Static Wrist Band: Prevents static discharge.
• 2 meter Ethernet Cable Cat 5E: Provides network connectivity.
• Modular Crimps, Strips, and Cut Tool: All-in-one solution for cable preparation.
• Utility Component Storage Case: Keeps tools organized.
• Connectors and Screws Set: For immediate installation needs.
• Pen-shaped Screwdriver Tool with LED: Convenient for working in low light conditions.
• 9 PCS Allen Wrench Set: Fits a wide range of hexagonal bolt heads.


-- Computer Assembly: Ideal for building a new PC from scratch, ensuring precise and efficient assembly.
-- Routine Maintenance: Perfect for regular computer upkeep, offering a comprehensive set of tools for various tasks.
-- Network Installation: The inclusion of an Ethernet cable and crimping tool makes networking setup a breeze.
-- Electronic Device Repair: Suitable for repairing and maintaining other electronic devices beyond just computers.
-- On-the-Go Repairs: Thanks to its portable design, this toolkit is excellent for performing repairs or installations in various locations.

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