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42pc Home DIY Hand Tool Kit Set including Adjustable Wrench and 40pc Wall Hanging Kit
SKU: DT20051


A comprehensive tool set is an invaluable asset for any home or professional setting. This particular kit, comprising practical hand tools and a 40-piece wall hanging kit, provides an extensive range of equipment designed to cater to a variety of tasks.

The inclusion of an adjustable wrench and a plethora of screwdriver bits makes this set versatile and crucial for tackling any assembly or repair challenges. Housed in a clear lid display case, these tools are as organized as they are accessible.


VERSATILITY AT ITS BEST - This kit offers an impressive range of tools, from a robust 8oz claw hammer to precision screwdrivers in multiple sizes. Whether the task at hand involves intricate work requiring precision, or more heavy-duty tasks like hammering, this set has it all covered. The 32-piece screwdriver bit set further enhances the versatility, making it a go-to solution for various maintenance and repair needs.

ORGANIZATION AND ACCESSIBILITY - The clear lid display tool case ensures that every tool has its place and is easily accessible. This not only enhances ease of use but also promotes better maintenance of the tools, extending their longevity. Furthermore, the case is compact and portable, making it easy to carry the complete set wherever needed.

WALL HANGING MADE EASY - One standout feature of this kit is the inclusion of a 40-piece wall hanging kit, which consists of nails, hooks, and wall anchors/plugs. This makes tasks such as hanging pictures, mirrors, or decorative items a breeze. It's a thoughtful addition that underscores the comprehensive nature of this kit.


• 1pc 8OZ Claw Hammer
• 1pc 18mm Utility Knife
• 2pc Precision Screwdrivers-Carbon Steel
• 1pc 170mm Combination Pliers-Carbon Steel, full polish
• 1pc Bit Driver-Carbon Steel
• 32pc Screwdriver Bits-CRV
• 1pc Bit Holder-Carbon Steel
• 1pc 150mm Adjustable Wrench-Carbon Steel
• 1pc 3M Tape Measure
• 40pc Fasteners


-- Home Repairs: The comprehensive set of tools makes this kit ideal for a wide range of home repairs, appealing to homeowners and DIY enthusiasts.
-- DIY Use: With its array of precision and heavy-duty tools, this set is also suitable for serious DIY handyperosns.
-- Wall Hanging: The included wall hanging kit simplifies the process of hanging pictures, mirrors, or decorations, adding value for interior decorators and homeowners alike.
-- Assembly Projects: The variety of screwdriver bits and the T-Shape Bit Driver make this kit perfect for furniture assembly, appealing to both DIY users and professionals.
-- Portability: The compact and organized tool case makes this kit easy to carry, which is ideal for mobile handymen and contractors.

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