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4pc 1/2" Drive Impact Socket Extension Bar Adaptors
SKU: DT40399


Unlock a world of convenience with this four-piece extension set, designed to enhance the reach of an impact wrench. Ideal for tight spaces and crowded engine bays, this set significantly simplifies hard-to-reach tasks. Each component is meticulously crafted from rugged chrome vanadium steel, promising longevity and reliability.

Coated with black phosphate, these extensions boast a robust resistance against rust, making them a dependable choice in any garage or auto shop. The set's ability to significantly extend the reach of an impact wrench, coupled with its durable construction, makes it an indispensable tool in any toolkit.


DURABILITY REDEFINED - The components of this extension set are made from rugged chrome vanadium steel, known for its durability and strength. This ensures that the tools can withstand the rigors of heavy use while maintaining their performance and integrity. The black phosphate coating further enhances the durability by providing rust resistance.

EXTENDED REACH - This extension set is designed to significantly extend the reach of an impact wrench. This feature is particularly useful when working in tight spots or crowded engine bays where access may be limited. By extending the reach, this set ensures that no task is too challenging, making it a valuable addition to any toolkit.

VERSATILE SIZES - The set includes four different lengths: 1-3/4 in., 2-1/2 in., 4-1/4 in., and 9-1/4 in. These sizes were chosen to offer versatility and adaptability, ensuring that there is a suitable extension for every task. Whether for a professional garage or a home workshop, this set provides the flexibility needed to tackle a range of tasks.


• Chrome Vanadium Construction: Known for its strength and durability, ensuring longevity and reliable performance.
• Black Phosphate Finish: Provides rust resistance, further enhancing the durability of the tools.
• 1-3/4" Extension: Extends the reach of an impact wrench, ideal for tasks in tight spots.
• 2-1/2" Extension: Offers extended reach for various tasks, providing versatility and adaptability.
• 4-1/4" Extension: Designed to increase the reach of an impact wrench, perfect for crowded engine bays.
• 9-1/4" Extension: Maximizes the reach of an impact wrench, ensuring no task is too challenging.


-- Automotive Repairs: The extension set's ability to access crowded engine bays makes it ideal for automotive repairs.
-- Home Maintenance: Its versatility and extended reach make it perfectly suited for various home maintenance tasks.
-- Construction: With its durable construction, it's useful for heavy-duty construction tasks.
-- Professional Garage: The set's strength and rust resistance make it a valuable tool in any professional garage.
-- DIY Projects: Its user-friendly design and different sizes make it perfect for DIY enthusiasts.

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