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4pc 3/8in. Drive Quick-Release Extension Bar Set
SKU: DT40407


Experience unparalleled convenience with this extension bar set, designed to bring ease to tasks in confined spaces. The unique quick-release feature allows for effortless socket attachment and detachment, eliminating the risk of losing sockets in appliances, engines, or machinery. Built with rugged chrome vanadium and triple chrome-plated, these bars resist corrosion, promising longevity and reliable performance.

The set caters to a variety of needs, whether it's spark plug replacement or other applications requiring extended reach. With sockets that lock onto the bar and release at a push of the quick-release slide lock, this set offers a seamless and efficient working experience, making it an essential addition to any toolkit.


UNMATCHED CONVENIENCE - Navigate hard-to-reach areas with ease, thanks to the extension bars' design. Their quick-release feature ensures that sockets lock on securely, eliminating the risk of them falling off into tight spaces. A simple push on the quick-release slide lock releases the socket, making tool changes swift and hassle-free.

ROBUST AND DURABLE - Constructed from rugged chrome vanadium, these extension bars are built to withstand heavy use. Triple chrome plating enhances their durability, providing active resistance against rust and corrosion. This ensures that the tools maintain their performance and integrity even under challenging conditions.

VERSATILITY AND ADAPTABILITY - This set is ideal for tasks that require extended reach in confined areas, such as spark plug replacement. With various sizes available, it provides the flexibility needed to tackle a range of tasks. Whether it's for a professional workshop or a home garage, this set offers the adaptability necessary for any job.


• Extension Bars: Made from rugged chrome vanadium, triple chrome-plated for rust resistance.
Drive Size: 1/2 in.
Length Sizes: 3 in., 5 in., 10 in., and 15 in.
• Quick-Release Feature: Allows for easy socket attachment and detachment, preventing sockets from falling off.
Construction: Rugged chrome vanadium
Coating: Triple chrome plated


-- Automotive Repairs: The extension bars' design makes them perfect for accessing hard-to-reach areas in engine bays.
-- Home Maintenance: Their versatility and extended reach make them ideal for various home maintenance tasks.
-- Professional Workshop: The set's quick-release feature and different sizes make it an invaluable tool in any professional workshop.
-- DIY Projects: Their user-friendly design and flexibility make them a must-have for any DIY enthusiast.
-- Machinery Maintenance: Their ability to prevent sockets from falling off makes them useful for work on machinery.

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