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4pc 1/4, 3/8, 1/2" Impact Socket Adapter Set for Drill Drivers. Includes a Right-Angle Adaptor
SKU: DT40396


Unlock the power of versatility with this meticulously engineered impact socket adapter set. The robust construction is designed to withstand the most demanding tasks, while the unique 105° right-angle design ensures easy access to tight spaces.

The set includes three adapters in varying sizes, each designed to fit a wide range of sleeves and kits. Crafted from heat-treated CR-V for exceptional hardness and durability, these tools can handle a maximum torque of 72n/m, offering reliable performance in a range of applications.


VERSATILITY UNLOCKED - Experience the convenience of a tool that's built to adapt. This set is designed for light drilling, low-speed driving, and more. The adapters are compatible with a variety of tools such as cordless drills, ratchet manual screwdrivers, pneumatic drivers, electric drivers, and air drills. The 105° right-angle design makes it suitable for the tightest spaces, effectively extending the power of cordless screwdrivers.

SOLID AND DURABLE - The adapters are made from heat-treated CR-V, known for its excellent hardness characteristics. They can withstand a maximum torque of 72n/m, providing solidly locked extensions to existing tools. These adapters offer extra length, reaching into many hard-to-reach spaces. The spring-loaded ball bearing at the top of the adapter ensures a secure lock, reducing wear and preventing rounding at corners.

COLOR-CODED FOR CONVENIENCE - The set comes in three distinct colors, making it easy to select the right tool for the job. These adapters are perfect for various applications including auto mechanics vehicle repair, home maintenance, DIY projects, routine maintenance, and more. They enhance work efficiency, making them suitable for both light and heavy-duty work.


• 1/4" Adapter - Material: Heat-treated CR-V, Maximum Torque: 72n/m
• 3/8" Adapter - Material: Heat-treated CR-V, Maximum Torque: 72n/m
• 1/2" Adapter - Material: Heat-treated CR-V, Maximum Torque: 72n/m
• 105° Right-Angle Adapter - Material: Heat-treated CR-V, Maximum Torque: 72n/m


-- Home Maintenance: The versatile design and compatibility with a range of tools make it ideal for various home maintenance tasks.
-- Vehicle Repair: With its ability to withstand high torque, it's perfect for auto mechanics and vehicle repair tasks.
-- DIY Projects: The set's ease of use and color-coded design make it a great choice for DIY enthusiasts.
-- Routine Maintenance: The adapters' durability and adaptability make them suitable for routine maintenance tasks.
-- Heavy-Duty Work: With their robust construction, these adapters can handle both light and heavy-duty work.

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