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4pc Center Punch Set - 5/64. 1/8, 3/16, 5/16" (2, 3, 5, 8mm) with Fabric Pouch
SKU: DT10243


A comprehensive collection of center punches, designed to make precise marks and piercings in various materials. These tools are heat-treated along their entire length, ensuring durability and longevity. The set also includes a handy storage pouch for easy organization and transportation.

Each punch in the set has been carefully sized to ensure the correct application. They are ideal for starting drills in metals and other materials, making them an essential addition to any toolkit. With a black oxide finish, these tools also offer rust protection for a long-lasting performance.


PRECISION AT HAND - The set is designed for precision and versatility, ideal for piercing or marking materials, to start drills. The varied point sizes cater to diverse needs, allowing for larger or smaller holes as required.

DURABILITY AND PROTECTION - Each tool in the set is heat-treated along its entire length, providing durability that withstands regular use. The black oxide finish adds an extra layer of rust protection, ensuring the tools retain their quality and performance over time.

CONVENIENCE AND COMPLIANCE - The set comes with a storage pouch for convenience and portability. It allows easy organization, keeping each tool readily accessible. Manufactured to ASME B107.410 specifications, these tools meet industry standards, ensuring reliability and peace of mind.


• 5/64-2mm x 4" Center Punch: Ideal for smaller, precise holes.
• 1/8-3mm x 4-1/4" Center Punch: Perfect for medium-sized holes.
• 3/16-5mm x 5" Center Punch: Made for precision marking and piercing.
• 5/16-8mm x 6" Center Punch: Designed for larger holes.
• Fabric Storage Pouch: For easy organization and transportation.


-- Use the 3/16-5mm punch for marking and starting drills in thick metal sheets.
-- The 5/16-8mm punch is perfect for creating larger holes in robust materials.
-- For precision tasks, the 5/64-2mm punch can create smaller, precise holes.
-- The 1/8-3mm punch is ideal for medium-sized holes in various materials.
-- All tools can be easily stored and transported in the included fabric pouch.

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