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57pc Multi-Bit Cr-V Precision Screwdriver Bit Set. Includes Flexi Shaft
SKU: DT30094


This versatile set caters to the demands of varied projects, from hobbyist pursuits to intricate electronics work. A vast array of bit types including slotted, star, hex, and Phillips ensures a perfect fit for numerous applications, while the addition of a flexi-shaft aids in reach and access.

The thoughtful design pairs a broad selection of chrome vanadium insert bits with a nonslip rubber grip handle for comfortable, secure use. All stored in compact flip-top tray box case.


DIVERSE SELECTION - The set encompasses chrome vanadium slotted, Phillips, star, hex insert bits and much more. This extensive range equips users with the tools needed to tackle a plethora of tasks with ease and precision. Whether it's a hobbyist project or an intricate electronics repair, this set has it covered.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The nonslip rubber grip handle offers comfortable operation, reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use. The handle is designed with a 5/32-inch hex shank, ensuring a firm hold on the bits and preventing them from slipping during operation.

ADDED CONVENIENCE - The inclusion of a flexi shaft provides a practical solution for accessing deep or recessed positions. Combined with the diverse selection of bits and a comfortable handle, this set becomes an indispensable tool for any precision task.


• Bits Material: Chrome vanadium, ensuring durability and strength.
• Bit Types & Sizes:
Slotted, Phillips, Torx, Hex, Tri-wing, Triangle, Mini Hex Sockets and more
• Handle: Non-slip rubber grip for comfort and secure operation. Hex Shank: 5/32", providing a secure hold on the bits.
• Flexishaft
• Fold-Out Tray Holder Case


-- Ideal for assembling and disassembling various devices due to the range of bit sizes.
-- Perfect for intricate tasks that require precision, such as working on electronic devices.
-- Suitable for hobby projects requiring a diverse selection of bit types.
-- Excellent for professionals needing a compact, organized toolset for on-the-go jobs.
-- Great for handling small or delicate components, thanks to the included stainless steel tweezers.

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