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65pc 1/4 & 1/2" Drive Metric Socket and Driver Bit Set including 2pc Ratcheting Handles
SKU: DT40437


Comprising an array of handy tools, this comprehensive set caters to a variety of mechanical and DIY needs. The collection includes everything from 1/2" Drive Sockets and Spark Plug Sockets to Extension Bars and a Quick Ratchet Handle. Packaged in a sturdy metal case, these tools are designed for durability and easy storage.

The set also features a selection of 1/4" Drive Sockets, Torx Sockets, Bit Sockets and a Spinner Handle. With the addition of a Universal Joint and a Quick Ratchet Handle, it's the perfect kit for tackling a range of tasks with precision and ease.


VERSATILITY AT HAND - This set is a toolbox staple, offering a wide range of tools designed for various applications. From 1/2" Drive Sockets ideal for heavy-duty tasks, to the precision provided by the 1/4" Drive Sockets, this set has it all. The inclusion of a 3-Way Adaptor further expands the versatility of the kit, making it easier to tackle jobs that require different tool fittings.

DURABILITY AND CONVENIENCE - Housed in a robust metal case, the tools are protected from damage and easy to transport. The Quick Ratchet Handles for both 1/2" and 1/4" drives, along with the Extension Bars, provide convenience and efficiency when working in tight spaces or on complex tasks.

PRECISION AND CONTROL - With a variety of Bit Sockets and Torx Sockets, the set allows for precise control when working on intricate tasks. The Hex Key Wrenches add another dimension of functionality, designed for tasks requiring a high degree of torque and accuracy.


• 14 pieces 1/2" Drive Sockets: Designed for heavy-duty operations
• 2 pieces 1/2" Drive Spark Plug Sockets: Designed for removing and installing spark plugs
• 2 pieces 1/2" Drive Extension Bars: For reaching difficult spots
• 1 piece 1/2" Drive Universal Joint: Enables angled operation
• 1 piece 1/2" Drive Quick Ratchet Handle: Allows fast and efficient operation
• 1 piece 3-Way Adaptor: Enhances tool compatibility
• 12 pieces 1/4" Drive Sockets: Ideal for precision tasks
• 6 pieces 1/4" Drive Torx Sockets: For working with Torx screws
• 18 pieces 1/4" Drive Bit Sockets: Offers a variety of bits for different screw types
• 1 piece 1/4" Drive Extension Bar: Extends reach for difficult to access areas
• 1 piece 1/4" Drive Spinner Handle: Provides additional torque
• 1 piece 1/4" Drive Universal Joint: Allows for angled operation
• 1 piece 1/4" Drive Quick Ratchet Handle: Enables swift operation
• 3 pieces Hex Key Wrenches: For tasks requiring high torque
• 1 piece Metal Case: For secure storage and transportation


-- Ideal for automotive repair: The various socket sizes and types make it suitable for a wide range of automotive repair tasks.
-- Perfect for home DIY projects: The versatility of the tools allows for tackling various home improvement tasks.
-- Great for electrical repairs: The inclusion of Torx and Bit Sockets makes it suitable for tasks involving electrical appliances.
-- Handy for furniture assembly: The Hex Key Wrenches and sockets are perfect for assembling flat-pack furniture.
-- Excellent for bicycle maintenance: The variety of tools can be used for adjusting and fixing bicycles.

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