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6pc Manual Hand Impact Driver Set with S2 Steel Bits
SKU: DT40296


Confront stubborn screws, rusted fasteners, and frozen bolts head-on with this robust Manual Hand Impact Driver Set. Designed to deliver concentrated force, it makes quick work of challenging DIY and garage repair tasks. The set comes complete in a sturdy compact case, ready to tackle the toughest jobs.

The easy-to-use design is perfect for right out of the box use. With a simple push and twist mechanism, users can effortlessly transition between tightening and loosening operations. Engineered for durability, the heat-treated construction absorbs any amount of pounding, ensuring a long-lasting toolset for any handyman.


UNLEASH THE POWER - This Hand Impact Driver Set is perfect for tackling stubborn rotor brakes, rusted engine fasteners, stuck lag nuts, and corroded screws. Each hammer or mallet blow transforms into a concentrated turning force at the screw tip - enough torque to start loosening or tightening brake calipers, brake discs, and motorcycle case screws.

USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN - Straight out of the box, this set is easy to use. Simply push down firmly to disengage the internal spring-loaded lock, then give a twist to the right for tightening or a twist to the left for loosening. Its solid construction of heat-treated No.45 carbon steel with a rust-resistant chrome finish ensures it can withstand any amount of pounding.

VERSATILE COMPONENTS - The set comes complete with the most commonly used driver bits for impact driving large screws. These bits are made from shock-resistant S2 hardened steel. Removing the bit holder allows for any 1/2” square drive socket to be attached, making it handy for loosening a stuck hex cap screw. All these are kept together in a sturdy, compact case


• Manual Hand Impact Driver: Made of heat-treated No.45 carbon steel with a rust-resistant chrome finish. Comes with an internal spring-loaded lock for easy transition between tightening and loosening.
• S2 Hardened Steel Bits: Includes Slot/Flat 5/16"/8mm & 3/8”/9.5mm; Phillips PH#2 & 3. These bits are shock-resistant and perfect for impact driving large screws.
• 1/2” Square Drive Socket: Can be attached by removing the bit holder. Handy for loosening stuck hex cap screws.


-- Loosening rusted engine fasteners: The concentrated turning force makes it easy to dislodge rusted fasteners.
-- Undoing stubborn rotor brakes: The tool set can deliver high torque, ideal for dealing with rotor brakes.
-- Removing stuck lag nuts: The robust construction ensures that even the most stubborn lag nuts can be tackled.
-- Dislodging frozen screws: The impact driver can generate enough force to remove frozen screws.
-- Tightening brake calipers: The user-friendly design allows for easy transitioning between loosening and tightening operations

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6pc Manual Hand Impact Driver Set with S2 Steel Bits
SKU: DT40296

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