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6pc Steel Pin Punch Set
SKU: DT10241


Expertly crafted from heat-treated chromium vanadium, this set of pin punches is a testament to durability and resilience. The high hardness rating ensures that the head of each punch resists rapid expansion, while also preventing passivation of the chisel and punch, epitomizing a perfect blend of strength and longevity.

The set comprises six distinct pin punches, each designed meticulously to drive and loosen pins. Ranging from 3/32" to 5/16", these tools cater to a variety of needs, making them an indispensable part of any toolkit. Crafted from chrome vanadium steel, they promise robustness and longevity, ensuring reliable performance for years to come.


HARD DURABILITY - The pin punch set is forged from heat-treated chromium vanadium, a material known for its exceptional hardness. This not only provides superior durability but also prevents the head from expanding rapidly, a common issue with lesser-quality tools.

VERSATILE RANGE - The set includes six different-sized pin punches, ranging from 3/32" to 5/16". This diverse range ensures that users have the right tool for the job at hand, whether they're driving or loosening pins. Each tool has been precisely engineered to deliver optimal performance.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS - Each pin punch in the set is made from chrome vanadium steel, a material renowned for its strength and longevity. This ensures that each punch can withstand regular use without compromising on performance or quality.


• Heat-treated chromium vanadium: Ensures high hardness rating and prevents rapid head expansion.
• Chrome vanadium steel: Offers robustness and long-lasting performance.
• Pin Punches (6 sizes): 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16". Each designed to drive and loosen pins efficiently.


-- Driving out and removing already loosened pins and keys after initial movement by a solid punch.
-- Perfect for disassembling machinery or automotive parts that have been secured with pins.
-- Suitable for repairing small electronics and gadgets that use pin connections.
-- Excellent for crafting and DIY projects that require precision pin placement or removal.
-- Useful for home maintenance tasks, such as furniture assembly or disassembly that involves pin fixtures.

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