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72pc Home DIY Hand Tools Kit including Combination Wrenches and Sockets
SKU: DT30234


A comprehensive tool kit emerges as an essential addition for those seeking a reliable solution for home repairs and maintenance tasks. This set provides an extensive range of tools, expertly curated to cater to various DIY needs, ranging from simple tightening tasks to more complex construction projects.

Each tool in this kit has been meticulously designed with durability and longevity in mind, resisting corrosion due to heat treatment. The entire collection is neatly organized in a sturdy blow-molded case, ensuring not just convenience but also easy access to the tools when required.


EVERY TOOL AT YOUR FINGERTIPS - Imagine having a tool set that caters to every small task around the house. This kit offers just that, featuring everything from a wrench and hammer to scissors and hex keys. It ensures that no matter what the task at hand, the right tool is always within reach. Designed with versatility and functionality in mind, these tools are perfect for both homeowners and DIY enthusiasts.

GREAT GIFT IDEA - Not only does this tool set offer practicality, but it also makes for an excellent gift. Be it a housewarming occasion, corporate event, or a gift for a college-bound student, this tool set checks all the boxes. It's a thoughtful present that equips the recipient with the tools necessary for most small repairs around the house.

QUALITY GUARANTEED - Quality is never compromised in this tool set. Each tool is made from high-quality materials, promising durability and reliability. They have been tested and approved by experts, ensuring they deliver exceptional performance consistently. Moreover, the inclusion of a variety of screwdriver bits and sizes further enhances the set's versatility, making it a valuable addition to any toolbox.


• Box Cutter: Ideal for precise cutting tasks.
• Tape 3m: Ensures accurate measurements.
• 6" Long Nose Pliers: Perfect for reaching into tight spots.
• 5m Insulation Tape: Essential for electrical tasks.
• Bit Driver Handle: A must-have for all screwing tasks.
• 8Oz Claw Hammer: Ideal for driving nails.
• Magnetic Holder 60mm: Keeps small metal objects secure and easily accessible.
• Combination Wrench: Sizes include 1/2", 3/8", 5/8", 5/16", 9/16". Versatile for various tightening tasks.
• 1/4" Socket: Nine pieces ranging from 3/16-1/2, catering to diverse fastening needs.
• Hex Key: Twelve pieces, sizes ranging from 1/4" to 0.03mm for a variety of tightening tasks.
• Screwdriver Bits: Thirty pieces in varied sizes and types, including Phillips, slotted, torx, square, hexagons and extension bar for different tasks.
• Wall Hanging Kit: Seventy-seven pieces for easy wall mounting.


-- Home Repairs: The kit contains all the necessary tools for everyday home repairs, making it a must-have for homeowners.
-- DIY Projects: The array of tools makes this kit ideal for various DIY tasks, from building furniture to creating art installations.
-- Garage Repairs: With tools like sockets and wrenches, this kit is perfect for automotive repairs.
-- Emergency Tasks: The comprehensive nature of this set makes it ideal for unexpected repair tasks.
-- All-Purpose Use: The quality and variety of tools make this kit suitable for handy-persons and building professionals.

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