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8pc 10 - 19mm 3/8" Drive Crows Foot Wrench Set on Clip-on Rail
SKU: DT30248


This set comprises eight metric crowfoot wrenches, designed to offer efficient and convenient usage. With a body hardness of HRC40-50, these wrenches meet ASIN standards, ensuring reliable performance. The set includes an efficient clip-on Storage Rail, crafted to hold all the wrenches securely and provide easy portability.

The wrenches are made of high-quality forged carbon steel, offering durability and resistance against rust and corrosion. Each wrench is compatible with a 3/8" ratchet wrench, either directly or via an extension rod, providing flexibility in various work conditions. The round head design eliminates stripping or splitting, ensuring a snug fit on fasteners.


SUPERIOR ORGANIZATION - The set comes with a clip-on organizer, equipped with 8 clips for organized storage and easy access while working. Compact and space-efficient, it's perfect for keeping the workplace tidy and tools within reach.

EFFICIENT AND DURABLE - These wrenches are designed for direct use with a 3/8" ratchet wrench or with an extension rod, offering lightweight and labor-saving operation. Made of high-quality forged carbon steel, with chrome-plated and mirror-polished heads, they're built for long-term use, solid, durable, and anti-rusting.

VERSATILE APPLICATION - These wrenches allow access to fasteners from the top and side and in tight spaces where a regular open-end wrench can't reach. They attach to the 3/8" drive end of a ratchet, socket handle, or extension, making them ideal for various tasks.


• Material: High-quality forged carbon steel with chrome plating for corrosion and rust resistance.
• Compatibility: Designed for use with 3/8" ratchet wrench, either directly or with an extension rod.
• Sizes: Includes eight metric wrenches - 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 17mm, 18mm, and 19mm.
• Packaging: Comes with a clip-on storage rail with 8 clips for organized storage.


-- Engine Work: With their compact design and ability to reach tight spaces, these wrenches are ideal for car automotive and truck work in tight engine and radiator areas.
-- Plumbing Repairs: Their versatile design makes them perfect for underneath sink/toilet work like faucet spray hoses.
-- Equipment Maintenance: The set's wide range of sizes makes it suitable for maintaining and repairing various types of machinery and equipment.
-- Home DIY Projects: From assembling furniture to fixing appliances, these wrenches can handle a variety of home improvement tasks.
-- Auto Repairs: The robust construction and efficient design make these wrenches perfect for various automotive tasks, such as changing tires or replacing parts.

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