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8pc Drum Brake Spring and Compressor Tool Set. Auto, Vehicle and Engine Tool Set for Repairs and Maintenance. All in a Compact Case


Get your garage ready to tackle any drum brake repair job with this 8pc Drum Brake Spring and Compressor Tool Set! A must-have for auto maintenance, it includes all the components you need - like pliers, installers, removers and compressors - conveniently stored in one compact case. With these reliable tools at hand you'll be able to make quick work of even the most daunting drum brake repairs.

With this toolkit, handling drum brake challenges becomes effortless. The carefully selected components ensure that mechanics can efficiently address any repair job, making it a valuable asset for both seasoned professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.


EFFORTLESS DRUM BRAKE REPAIRS - This toolkit simplifies the process of drum brake maintenance, ensuring that every repair is completed with precision. The inclusion of specialized tools like pliers and compressors means every task is handled with ease.

COMPACT AND ORGANIZED - Stored in a rugged case, these tools are protected and easily transportable. The compact design not only saves space but also keeps the tools neatly organized, ready for the next repair job.

VERSATILITY FOR PROFESSIONALS AND ENTHUSIASTS - Whether you're a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, this toolkit caters to all levels of expertise. Its comprehensive selection of tools makes it indispensable for tackling various drum brake repairs.


• 24pc Disc Brake Pads and Calipers Adjustment Tool Set
• Thermoplastic Storage Case
• 32.9 x 27.9 x 8.2cm
• 1.8kg


-- Drum Brake Maintenance -- Ideal for replacing or repairing drum brake components.
-- Spring Installation & Removal -- Simplifies the process of working with brake springs.
-- Professional Garage Use -- A must-have toolkit for efficient brake repair services.
-- DIY Auto Repairs -- Enables homeowners to perform their drum brake maintenance.
-- Automotive Education -- Useful for teaching students about drum brake systems.

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