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10pc Cr-Mo 1/2" Drive H4 - H19 55mm Hex Bit Socket Set with S2 Steel Shanks
SKU: DT10647


Boasting a robust construction and exceptional precision, this hex bit socket set is a versatile addition to any toolkit. Crafted from resilient chrome-molybdenum steel with S2 steel shanks, these tools promise longevity and consistent performance.

The sockets in this set are designed for maximum torque, making them ideal for tasks that require superior strength. Treated with a black phosphate coating, they offer excellent resistance against rust, ensuring their reliability and durability in diverse working conditions.


RESILIENT MATERIALS - Each socket head in the set is constructed from durable chrome-molybdenum (Cr-Mo) steel, offering exceptional strength and wear-resistance. This ensures that the tools can withstand heavy use without deforming or breaking. The shanks, made from S2 steel, are known for their high yield strength and toughness. These properties ensure that the shanks can endure high torque applications, further enhancing the set's overall durability.

ENHANCED TORQUE AND DURABILITY - The sockets in this set are designed to deliver maximum torque, allowing users to apply more force when necessary. This makes it possible to loosen or tighten even the most stubborn bolts with ease. Each tool has been treated with a black phosphate coating, which enhances their rust resistance and ensures their reliability even in damp or humid conditions.

SECURE AND VERSATILE - The square drive hole ring latch on each socket ensures secure attachment to wrenches, preventing slippage during use. This not only makes the tools safer to use but also improves their efficiency. The set includes ten different sizes, ranging from H4 to H19, offering versatility to tackle a wide variety of tasks. Despite their compact size, these sockets are perfect for reaching into tight spaces.


• Material: Durable chrome-molybdenum (Cr-Mo) steel socket heads.
• Shank Material: S2 steel shanks known for their high strength and toughness.
• Rust Resistance: Black phosphate coating for enhanced rust resistance.
• Enhanced Torque: Designed to deliver maximum torque.
• Secure Design: Square drive hole ring latch for secure attachment to wrenches.
• Sizes: Set includes ten sizes - H4, H5, H6, H7, H8, H10, H12, H14, H17, H19.
• Dimensions: Each socket has a total length of 55mm and a shank length of 16mm.


-- Home Repair Tasks: Their range of sizes and high torque make these tools perfect for various home repair tasks.
-- DIY Projects: The durability and versatility of these tools make them an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts.
-- Automotive Repairs: Their high torque and secure design make them suitable for automotive repairs, including removing or tightening stubborn bolts.
-- Furniture Assembly: The range of sizes included in this set allows for efficient assembly and disassembly of furniture.
-- Professional Use: Given their strength, durability, and versatility, these tools are a reliable addition to any professional toolkit.

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