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8pc 1/2" Drive Cr-Mo One-Piece Impact Torx Socket Bit Set
SKU: DT50417


Crafted for durability and precision, this 8-piece Torx driver set is engineered to tackle the toughest of tasks. With its robust chrome-molybdenum construction and protective black phosphate finish, each piece is designed to withstand high-force impacts, making it an indispensable tool for automotive and heavy machinery maintenance. The inclusion of a socket holder ensures these essential tools are always organized and within reach.

This collection is tailored for serious users aiming to efficiently remove and replace large Torx fasteners. Its compatibility with impact drivers underscores its versatility, providing a reliable solution. The thoughtful design and construction ensure longevity, resisting rust and wear even under the most demanding conditions.


DURABILITY - Constructed from high-grade chrome-molybdenum and coated with a black phosphate finish, this set offers unparalleled strength and resistance against corrosion. Designed for high-force impacts, these tools promise longevity and reliability, ensuring they remain a staple in any toolkit.

PRECISION AND VERSATILITY - With sizes ranging from T30 to T70, this set provides the exact fit for a wide array of large torx fasteners. Whether it's automotive repair or maintenance on large machines, these bits deliver with precision. The included socket holder keeps the bits organized, enhancing efficiency and accessibility.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN - Engineered for compatibility with impact drivers, this collection stands up to the rigorous demands of professional settings. It’s not just about strength; the careful construction minimizes wear on both tools and fasteners, ensuring smoother operations and prolonging the life of both the bits and the items they are used on.


• Material: Chrome-molybdenum
• Finish: Black phosphate
• Drive Size: 1/2 in.
• Torx Sizes:
T30, T40, T45, T47, T50, T55, T60 and T70.
• Accessories: Socket holder


-- Automotive Excellence - Perfect for removing and replacing sensor plugs and other large hex fasteners in vehicles.
-- Heavy Machinery Maintenance - Ideal for working on large machines, where precision and strength are paramount.
-- Organized Efficiency - The included socket holder ensures tools are neatly organized and easily accessible.
-- Rust Resistance - Black phosphate coating offers superior protection against corrosion, extending tool life.
-- Impact Compatibility - Specifically designed for use with high-force impact drivers, enhancing versatility and performance.

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