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11pc Pink Car Roadside Assistant Emergency Kit including Jumper Cables, First-Aid Kit, Glass Hammer and Towing Strap


Emergency preparedness meets style with this comprehensive kit designed for roadside situations. This set, featuring a pink color scheme, is tailored to appeal to women while providing practical solutions for unexpected vehicle issues.

From a deer warning device to keychain screwdriver tools, the kit combines functionality with convenience. It's more than just an emergency set; it's a statement of readiness and confidence, an indispensable accessory for those who value safety on the road.


SAFETY WITH A FEMININE TOUCH - Just because it's pink doesn't mean it compromises on quality or functionality. This kit is as robust, durable, and practical as any other. The PVC insulation jumper cable leads are resistant to heat, with large alligator insulated rubber-coated clamps for secure placement and easy positioning.

DESIGNED FOR EMERGENCIES - Whether it's winter weather or an unexpected breakdown, this kit has got you covered. It includes a range of tools from towing ropes to safety hammers, ensuring you're ready for most roadside emergencies. It's not just about dealing with the situation at hand; it's about keeping you and your loved ones safe.

GIFTING MADE EASY - Compact and practical, this kit makes an ideal gift for both new and experienced drivers, especially women. It can be a unique present for birthdays, Mother's Day, Christmas, graduation, and more. Its size and design make it particularly suitable for female drivers.


• Pink Jumper Cables: Heat-resistant PVC insulation with large alligator insulated rubber-coated clamps.
• Tow Rope: Robust and durable for emergency towing.
• Safety Hammer: Essential for breaking glass in emergencies.
• LED Road Flare: Provides visibility during roadside emergencies.
• Keychain Screwdriver Tools (2): Handy and portable for quick fixes.
• Tire Pressure Gauge: Helps maintain optimal tire pressure.
• Anti-Skid Gloves (1 pair): Provides grip and protection during repairs.
• Rain Coat: Offers protection from the elements.
• 2-in-1 Whistle: Multi-purpose tool for attracting attention.
• First Aid Kit: Includes band-aids, bandage, tweezers, surgical tape, scissors, safety pins, emergency blanket, cotton swabs, and pads.


-- Roadside Emergencies: The kit provides essential tools for unexpected roadside repairs, enhancing safety and reducing stress during such situations.
-- Winter Weather Breakdowns: The comprehensive set of tools can help deal with vehicle issues during harsh winter weather.
-- Gift for Female Drivers: This kit, with its pink color scheme and practical tools, makes an excellent gift for female drivers.
-- Outdoor Activities: The included raincoat and LED road flare are suitable for various outdoor activities, providing protection and visibility.
-- DIY Repairs: The included screwdriver tools and gloves also make this kit suitable for DIY enthusiasts who require a basic set for home repairs.

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