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16pc Car Roadside Assistant Emergency Kit including Jumper Cables, First-Aid Kit, Glass Hammer and Towing Strap
SKU: DT30268


Emergencies on the road are unpredictable, but preparation doesn't have to be. This comprehensive kit equips drivers with an array of essential tools and safety gear designed for a variety of roadside situations. Compact yet packed with practicality, it is a must-have accessory for any vehicle.

The kit's design focuses on both functionality and convenience, making it an ideal gift for new drivers. Its compact size and smart triangular shape ensure easy storage in various car compartments, while the variety of tools it houses cater to the most common roadside emergencies.


ROADSIDE READINESS - The kit includes a wide range of tools and accessories to handle most vehicular emergencies. From booster cables and tow ropes for mechanical issues, to a safety hammer for breaking glass in emergencies, this set covers all bases. It also includes a reflective warning triangle and headlight for increased visibility during nighttime emergencies.

SAFETY FIRST - Safety is paramount, especially during roadside emergencies. That’s why this kit includes protective gear like safety goggles and gloves to shield the user’s eyes and hands while handling equipment. An added bonus is the hands-free headlight, which provides much-needed illumination during night-time breakdowns.

GIFT OF PREPAREDNESS - The kit makes for an excellent gift, especially for new drivers. Equipped with this, they can venture out on the road with confidence, knowing they have the necessary tools at their disposal should an emergency arise. It’s not just a kit; it’s peace of mind in a bag.


• Booster Jumper Cable: Essential for jump-starting a dead car battery.
• Tow Ropes: Robust and durable for emergency towing.
• Reflective Warning Triangle: Provides visibility during roadside emergencies.
• Hands-Free Headlight: Frees up the user's hands for other tasks.
• Safety Hammer: Essential for breaking glass in emergencies.
• Safety Goggles: Protects the user’s eyes while handling tools.
• Reflective Safety Vest: Increases visibility, especially during night-time emergencies.
• Survival Whistle with Compass: Useful for attracting attention and navigation.
• Rain Poncho: Offers protection from the elements.
• Emergency Blanket: Helps maintain body temperature in cold weather.
• Anti-Skid Gloves: Provides grip and protection during repairs.
• First Aid Kit: 40pc includes essential medical supplies for minor injuries.


-- Roadside Emergencies: The kit provides essential tools for unexpected roadside repairs, enhancing safety and reducing stress during such situations.
-- Night-Time Breakdowns: The reflective materials used in the kit are ideal for increasing visibility during night-time emergencies.
-- Outdoor Activities: The included rain poncho and emergency blanket can be useful during camping trips or other outdoor adventures.
-- Gift for New Drivers: This comprehensive kit makes an excellent gift for new drivers, providing them with the essentials for roadside emergencies.
-- DIY Repairs: The included tools also make this kit suitable for DIY enthusiasts who require a basic set for home repairs.

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