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15pc 1/4" Drive 2 - 24Nm Precision Adjustable Torque Wrench & S2 Steel Socket Bit Set for Bike Repairs
SKU: DT10508


Bike enthusiasts and DIY mavens will appreciate the precision and convenience of this top-tier tool set. Designed for optimal performance, this collection offers an adjustable torque wrench and a selection of S2 steel socket bits, providing all the necessary equipment for routine bike repairs and maintenance tasks.

The wrench features a ratcheting mechanism with two-way direction selection, allowing for easy adjustments and efficient operation. The set's versatility is further enhanced by a quick-release button for effortless socket attachment, making it an indispensable addition to any toolbox.


PRECISION AND CONTROL - This tool set is designed for precision and control. The adjustable torque wrench allows users to set a specific torque value. When that value is reached during use, the wrench emits a clicking sound as a tactile indication. The larger the set torque value, the louder the feedback sound, ensuring users can apply the exact amount of force needed for their task.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN - The set's innovative design enhances its functionality. The wrench features a 72-tooth ratcheting mechanism, allowing for fine adjustments and smooth operation in both directions. A quick-release button facilitates easy socket attachment, while the torque locking collar ensures stable and secure torque settings. To adjust the torque value, simply rotate the collar: to the right to increase it, and to the left to decrease it.

VERSATILITY AND DURABILITY - Crafted from durable S2 steel, the socket bits are engineered to withstand demanding tasks and ensure long-lasting performance. The set includes a range of bit sizes, providing the versatility needed for various repair and maintenance tasks. All components come in a compact storage case, making it easy to keep everything organized and portable.


• 1/4" Drive Adjustable Torque Wrench (245mm): Offers a torque range of 2-24N.m for precise control.
• Quick-Release Button: Enables easy attachment and removal of sockets.
• Torque Locking Collar: Ensures stable and secure torque settings.
• 13 pieces of S2 Steel Socket Bits (35mm): Includes sizes PH1-PH2-PH3, T20-T25-T30, and H2.5-H3-H4-H5-H6-H8-H10 for a wide range of applications.
• 1/4" Drive Extension Rod (100mm): Provides extra reach during operations.
• Compact Storage Case: Offers organized storage and portability for the entire set.


-- Bike Maintenance: This set provides all the necessary tools for routine bike repairs, making it ideal for cyclists and DIY enthusiasts.
-- Precision Adjustments: The adjustable torque wrench allows for precise control during tasks, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.
-- Household Repairs: Beyond just cycling, these tools can also be used for general household repairs, appealing to homeowners and DIY enthusiasts.
-- Portable Repair Kit: With the compact storage case, this set is easy to carry and store, adding a level of convenience for users.
-- Learning Tool: This set is also an excellent learning tool for beginner mechanics or those looking to expand their DIY skills.

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