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1pc Pink Steel Chest & Drawers Tool Box Carry Case for Home DIY
SKU: DT40246


Showcasing an elegant blend of style and functionality, this tool box is the perfect storage solution for various items. Its classic chest design, coated in a high-gloss pink powder-spray, offers both aesthetic appeal and practicality. This tool box is not only rust-resistant but also easy to clean, ensuring it retains its stylish appearance over time.

With a total of three compartments, this tool box provides ample storage space for a wide range of items. The deep top lid can accommodate larger items, while the two sliding drawers are ideal for compact tools, sets, and kits.


STYLISH AND FUNCTIONAL - This toolbox is a stylish storage solution that doesn't compromise on functionality. Its high-gloss pink powder-spray coating is both attractive and practical, offering rust-resistance and ease of cleaning.

VERSATILE STORAGE SPACE - With three compartments, including a deep top lid and two sliding drawers, this tool box accommodates a variety of items. From DIY tools and spare parts to documents and more, this tool box keeps everything organized and easily accessible.

DURABLE AND SECURE - Weighing in at a solid 4.7kg/10.4lb, this tool box is sturdy and secure. It's made from 0.8mm thick sheet steel with aluminum drawer handles, ensuring durability. The hinged hasp latch keeps the top lid and drawers securely closed, while non-slip transparent mats inside each compartment prevent rolling, scuffing, and noise.


• Steel Tool Box: Weighs 4.7kg, dimensions 35.5x22.0x22.0cm
• Top Compartment 355 x 220 x 95mm / 14 x 8.7 x 3.7in
• 2 Lower Drawers 295 x 195 x 50mm / 11.6 x 7.7 x 2in
• Aluminum Drawer Handles: Sturdy and durable for smooth drawer movement
• Top Lid: Deep design for larger items
• Sliding Drawers: Two included for compact tools
• Hinged Hasp Latch: Ensures secure closure of top lid and drawers
• Non-slip Transparent Mats: Prevent rolling, scuffing, and noise


-- DIY Projects: Due to the tool box's ample storage space, it's perfect for storing all necessary tools for DIY projects.
-- Home Organization: The tool box can be used to neatly store a variety of household items, keeping them organized and easily accessible.
-- Office Use: With its stylish design, the tool box can serve as an attractive storage solution for office supplies.
-- Personal Storage: The tool box can also be used for personal storage, keeping items like jewelry or cosmetics safe and organized.
-- Gift Idea: Due to its unique pink design, the tool box makes for a perfect gift for those who appreciate style and functionality.

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