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1pc Stainless Steel Caulking 4-in-1 Grout Removal and Sealant Finishing Tool
SKU: DT30219


Built to last and designed to impress, this tool is a testament to the power of innovative design. It's a 4-in-1 solution that seamlessly combines functionality and durability, all in a compact stainless steel structure. From scraping off old grout to smoothing out new material, it handles a range of tasks with ease.

The tool's versatility is enhanced by its robust stainless steel construction. With an upgraded handle that resists breaking and anti-corrosion features, it’s designed to stand the test of time. Its compact size ensures it fits into different angles and small spaces, making it a versatile choice for various applications.


MULTI-FUNCTIONAL AND VERSATILE - This stainless steel tool is a 4-in-1 multi-functional gadget, perfect for various tasks. It features a trowel and scraper for removing old grout, a silicone grout spreader for smoothing new grout, and a tile joint scraper for cleaning tile joints.

ROBUST AND DURABLE - Constructed entirely of stainless steel, this tool promises durability and longevity. The pointed tips, prone to wear and tear, are made of stainless steel, ensuring they last longer. The silicone trowel spreader boasts an anti-corrosion feature, further enhancing the tool's lifespan.

COMPACT AND CONVENIENT - Despite its robust construction, this tool is compact and easy to carry around. Its small size makes it ideal for use in different angles and tight spaces, while its versatile design means it has a wide range of applications.


• Stainless Steel Trowel: For removing old grout.
• Stainless Steel Scraper: For scraping off stubborn grout.
• Silicone Grout Spreader: For quickly smoothing out new grout.
• Ceramic Tile Joint Scraper: For cleaning tile joints.
• Material: Made entirely of stainless steel for enhanced durability.
• Size: Compact size for easy portability and use in tight spaces.


-- Perfect for homeowners undertaking DIY renovation projects.
-- Suitable for professional construction jobs: With its robust construction and multi-functionality, this tool is a valuable addition to any construction professional's toolkit.
-- Great for kitchen and bathroom remodeling: This tool is ideal for tasks such as re-grouting kitchen sinks or bathroom tiles.
-- Effective for window and door sealing: This tool can be used to seal windows and doors, improving insulation and energy efficiency.
-- Excellent for floor sealing: The robust construction and versatile design make this tool effective for sealing floor structures.

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