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6pc Caulking Tool Set including Blade Scraping Tools and Sealant Gun
SKU: DT30214


Discover the ultimate solution for all your caulking needs with this comprehensive tool set. This kit is designed to deliver an effortless, smooth, and precise caulking experience. Lightweight yet robust, it offers a high thrust ratio and features a 360° revolving barrel, ensuring optimal bead orientation when working around corners.

The set includes a dripless caulk gun, a sealant finishing tool, and a grout scraper, facilitating the removal of stubborn old glue and smoothing sealing lines. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional, this set is engineered to be your reliable partner in the caulking process.


UNPARALLELED QUALITY AND CONVENIENCE - This set provides a seamless caulking experience. The caulk gun is lightweight, offering a high thrust ratio for effortless use over extended periods. It also features a 360-degree revolving barrel, maintaining bead orientation when caulking around corners.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL AND VERSATILE - The set is equipped with a dripless caulk gun, a sealant finishing tool, and a grout scraper. These tools work together to remove stubborn old glue and smooth sealing lines. The set's versatility makes it suitable for various applications, from home use to outdoor decoration.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN FOR EFFICIENCY - The caulk gun comes with a through-needle to unclog blockages and a spout cutter for easy opening of caulk tubes. Its drip-free technology prevents dripping by releasing the trigger, allowing users to easily control the flow of materials. The Caulk Remover and Glass Glue Angle Scraper can be used for different angles and shapes, making waste removal and caulking more efficient.


• Dripless Caulk Gun: Lightweight design, high thrust ratio, 360-degree revolving barrel.
• Sealant Finishing Tool: Smooths sealing lines for a professional finish.
• Grout Scraper: Efficiently removes stubborn old glue.
• Lanyard: Allows the gun to hang on ladders or other surfaces for convenience.
• Spout Cutter: Built-in feature for easy opening of caulk tubes.
• Seal Puncture Tool: Unclogs blockages and opens freshness seal inside.
• Glass Glue Angle Scraper: Ideal for different angles and shapes for caulking and waste removal.


-- This comprehensive tool set can enhance the aesthetic look of surfaces and improve the quality of adhesion, making it ideal for DIY home renovation projects.
-- Suitable for professional construction jobs: With its wide range of applications and multiple tools, this set is a valuable tool for building professionals.
-- Great for kitchen and bathroom remodeling: The set's versatility makes it ideal for tasks like re-caulking kitchen sinks or bathroom tiles.
-- Effective for window sealing: The tools can be used to seal windows, improving insulation and energy efficiency.
-- Excellent for outdoor decoration: The sturdy scraper and versatile tools can effectively seal outdoor structures, ensuring longevity.

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