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27pc 10W Hot Glue Gun Arts & Crafts Tool Kit Set for Modelling, Craftwork, Hobbyists and DIY Repairs
SKU: DT01002


Unleash creativity with this comprehensive tool kit set that seamlessly blends functionality with precision. Ideal for modeling, craftwork, and DIY repairs, the kit caters to hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts alike, offering a collection of tools designed for meticulous workmanship and durability.

The kit includes a 10W hot glue gun with dual temperature control, clear glue sticks, an array of precision tools, and crafting essentials. Whether it's intricate craftwork or home repairs, this kit ensures users have everything they need to bring their creative visions to life.


VERSATILE GLUE GUN - At the heart of the kit is a 10W hot glue gun with dual temperature control, providing users the flexibility to adjust the heat level according to the material at hand. From delicate fabrics to stronger materials like wood, it caters to a wide range of surfaces. The kit also includes seven 100mm clear glue sticks, ensuring a reliable adhesive solution for various crafting and repair tasks.

PRECISION TOOLS FOR DETAILED WORK - Alongside the glue gun, the kit offers a selection of tools designed for precision and detail. It includes compact needle nose pliers, an engraving scalpel with blades and needles, precision tweezers, and angled precision tweezers. These tools enable users to undertake detailed projects, from intricate carvings to assembly tasks that require a steady hand and precise control.

CRAFTING ESSENTIALS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS - To further enhance its functionality, the kit includes a stainless steel drip tray, thread scissors, a gourd needle threader, a tailor’s tape measure, and a tailor’s ring. These additions ensure users have all the necessary tools for precise measurements, clean cuts, and easy threading, making it a one-stop solution for various arts and crafts projects.


• 10W Hot Glue Gun: Comes with dual-temperature control for versatility
• 7pc x 100mm Clear Glue Sticks: Each weighing 3.9g for ample adhesive supply
• 4.5in Compact Needle Nose Pliers: Ideal for detailed work
• Engraving Scalpel Blade Handle: Includes 1 needle and 5 blades for precise carvings
• Precision Tweezers: Perfect for handling small components
• Angled Precision Tweezers: Allows for delicate handling from different angles
• Stainless Steel Drip Tray: With a diameter of 65mm, it catches glue drips effectively
• Thread Scissors: Ensures clean and neat cuts
• Gourd Needle Threader: Simplifies the threading process
• 64cm/25in Tailor’s Tape Measure: For accurate measurements
• Tailor’s Ring: Handy tool for tailoring tasks


-- Crafting Personalized Gifts: Create unique, hand-made presents with the tools provided in the kit.
-- DIY Home Decor Projects: Use the tools to create or repair home decor items.
-- Hobby and Craft Projects: Ideal for various crafts, including scrapbooking and model making.
-- Clothing and Fabric Repairs: Tools like the hot glue gun and precision tweezers can be used for quick fabric fixes and alterations.
-- Jewelry Making: The precision tools are perfect for creating and repairing intricate pieces of jewelry.

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27pc 10W Hot Glue Gun Arts & Crafts Tool Kit Set for Modelling, Craftwork, Hobbyists and DIY Repairs
SKU: DT01002

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