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28pc Pink Home DIY Hand Tool Kit Set including Ratcheting Bit Driver Handle and Screwdriver Bit Set
SKU: DT9734


Experience the joy of having a complete toolset at your disposal, designed to cater to everyday household and DIY tasks. This comprehensive yet compact kit is a blend of style, practicality, and utility, ensuring you are well-equipped to handle various projects and repairs.

The robust case organizes the tools neatly, keeping them secure and clean, ready for use whenever required. It's not just a tool kit; it's a portable companion that brings convenience and efficiency to any task, whether it's hanging pictures or assembling furniture.


EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS - This kit covers all bases when it comes to daily DIY needs. It includes a variety of tools that have been carefully selected for their utility in common household tasks. From a handy hammer to a versatile tape measure, each tool plays a crucial role in simplifying everyday chores and projects.

ORGANIZATION AND MOBILITY - The sturdy case provides an organized storage solution, keeping the tools secure, clean, and easy to locate. The built-in handle adds to the convenience, making the toolkit easily portable. Whether it's a home repair job or a project at a friend's place, this toolkit is always ready to go.

VERSATILITY AND EASE - The ratcheting bit driver handle and the extensive selection of bits ensure that you're equipped for a wide range of tasks. The mechanical screwdriver with forward/reverse gears adds to the versatility of the kit, making tasks like assembling furniture or fixing a loose cabinet hinge a breeze.


• 1x Hammer: Durable and sturdy, ideal for driving nails
• 1x Long Nose Pliers: Perfect for gripping and bending tasks
• 1x Tape Measure: Provides accurate measurements up to 16 feet
• 20x Bits (including 1 Adapter): Comprehensive selection for diverse screwdriving applications
• 1x Spirit Level: Ensures accurate leveling for picture hanging or shelf installation
• 4x Screwdrivers: Cater to a wide range of screw types and sizes
• Ratcheting Bit Driver Handle with Forward/Reverse Gears: Allows for easy and efficient screw driving


-- Home Repairs: The kit contains all the essential tools for regular home repairs, making it an ideal choice for homeowners.
-- DIY Projects: With its comprehensive range of tools, it's perfect for those who love to engage in creative DIY projects.
-- Furniture Assembly: The included mechanical screwdriver and bits make assembling furniture a breeze.
-- Wall Decoration: The spirit level and hammer make decorating walls with favorite art pieces or photos effortless.
-- Portable Repairs: Thanks to the compact and sturdy case, the tool kit is ideal for performing repairs on-the-go.

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