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2pc 8" & 12" Steel Bar F Clamps Set. Heavy Duty 200, 300mm / 8, 12” Sizes for Woodwork, Metalwork & Carpentry
SKU: DT40121


The 2-piece Steel Bar F Clamps set is a powerful tool for woodwork, metalwork, and carpentry. It offers a secure hold for tasks such as gluing, sawing, and drilling. With two versatile sizes, these clamps are perfect for projects of all dimensions.

Constructed with non-slip handles and a serrated bar, precise adjustments are a breeze. The removable non-marring pads protect work surfaces from damage, while the moveable jaw accommodates angled positions. These clamps are an essential addition to any toolkit, whether for a DIY enthusiast, professional mechanic, or homeowner.


VERSATILITY FOR ANY JOB - The clamps come in two sizes, making them perfect for both long and bulky projects. The moveable steel jaw can be adjusted along the sliding arm, enabling secure handling of tapered or angled workpieces.

TOUGH CONSTRUCTION - These clamps are made from rigid carbon steel, ensuring high-pressure clamping. The A3 carbon steel alloy main straight bar is ideal for heavy-duty DIY tasks, and the nickel plating finish offers rust-resistance. Serrated edges along the bar provide extra grip, locking the moveable jaw in place.

EASE OF USE AND PROTECTION - The clamps are easy to use with chunky handles that offer a non-slip and comfortable grip. Removable non-marring jaw pads protect work surfaces from unsightly marks. Once positioned, the ACME screw thread can be tightened to ensure a firm grip.


• Material: Rigid carbon steel bars and screws
• Sizes: Two long frame sizes - 200 & 300mm (8 & 12in)
• Jaw Openings: 200mm(8in), 300mm(12in)
• Throat Depths: 50mm(2in), 80mm(3-1/8in)
• Handles: Injected rubber mold for a non-slip and comfortable grip
• Pads: Removable non-marring jaw pads


-- Securely holding workpieces when repairing, gluing, painting, and fixing or positioning.
-- Suitable for clamping workpieces for sawing, chiselling, filing, drilling or welding.
-- Perfect for use in the workshop, garage, or by a workbench.
-- Great for holding and stabilizing for gluing and fixing adhesives, drying and setting, or painting.
-- Essential for any craftsperson, hobbyists and DIY work.

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