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32pc Metric Tap and Die Set including Screw Pitch Gauge
SKU: DT30180


Crafted from high-quality hardened steel, this tap and die set exhibits remarkable durability and resilience, ideal for threading tasks. The metric set is specifically designed for rethreading fasteners and holes, notably in auto and machinery repair scenarios.

The unique tapered teeth design of the set allows for easy threading, making it perfect for use on a variety of metals including carbon steel, cast iron, aluminum, brass, copper, and stainless steel. Each component is conveniently labeled with its size, ensuring swift identification and increasing productivity during use.


UNMATCHED DURABILITY - Engineered from high-quality hardened steel, these tools promise longevity. They are capable of withstanding regular usage, offering reliable performance across multiple applications.
VERSATILITY AT ITS BEST - With the capacity to create new threads or repair damaged ones on most metals, this set proves its versatility. The tapered teeth design of the taps and dies enables easier threading, showcasing its practicality in various scenarios.
EFFICIENCY ENHANCED - This set not only aids in rethreading fasteners and holes but also boosts productivity. The size of each tool is clearly marked, facilitating quick identification and thereby saving time. Encased in a compact storage case, this set is easy to organize and transport, further enhancing its efficiency.


• Hardened Steel Tools: Ensures maximum durability and longevity.
• Tapered Teeth Design: Facilitates easy threading on a variety of metals.
• Size Labeled Tools: Allows for quick identification and increased efficiency.
• Tap and Die Sizes: Includes 28 pieces (each size includes 1x taper tap, 1x second tap, 1x plug tap, and 1x die) in the following sizes: M3 X 0.5, M4 X 0.7, M5 X 0.8, M6 X 1.0, M8 X 1.25, M10 X 1.5, M12 X 1.75.
• Additional Tools: The set also includes 1 x Tap Wrench, 1 x Die Stock Wrench, 1 x Thread Pitch Gauge, and 1 x Screwdriver for added versatility.


-- Auto Repairs: The varied sizes and strength of the tools make it ideal for threading tasks in automotive repairs.
-- Machinery Maintenance: With its ability to rethread fasteners and holes, it is an essential tool for machinery repair.
-- Metal Fabrication: The durability and precision of the tools make them suitable for various metal fabrication applications.
-- Plumbing Works: The variety of tap and die sizes cater to different plumbing requirements, making it a handy tool for plumbers.
-- DIY Projects: Its user-friendly design and wide range of tools make it a reliable choice for various DIY projects.

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