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40pc Metric Tap & Die Set including Screw Pitch Gauge
SKU: DT10262


Crafted from hardened, precision-ground, polished alloy steel, this 40-piece Metric tap and die set has the strength and longevity for all DIY tass. With an anti-rust finish, it stands up to a lifetime of use, making it a worthy investment for any toolkit. Fine manufacturing ensures a product that caters to various threading needs with higher rigidity, better flexibility, and an extended lifespan.

The set includes milled handles, designed for a non-slip grip, enhancing safety and control during use. The quality of the materials and the careful construction make it an indispensable tool for anyone seeking precision and durability in their work.


TOP QUALITY - Immaculate craftsmanship and high-quality alloy steel culminate in this 40-piece Metric tap and die set. Hardened, precision-ground, and polished, each tool promises higher rigidity, better flexibility, and a longer lifespan. An anti-rust finish adds to the durability, ensuring the set remains a reliable part of any toolkit for years to come.

NON-SLIP GRIP - Safety and control are paramount when working with tools. The milled handles in this set are designed to provide a non-slip grip. This feature enhances control during use, making the task at hand safer and more efficient.

PRECISION AND VARIETY - The set includes a range of metric taps and dies, handles, screw pitch gauge and a mini screwdriver. This variety ensures that the set can cater to various threading needs, providing the precision required for different tasks. The inclusion of multiple accessories further enhances the set's versatility, making it a comprehensive solution for threading applications


• Alloy Steel: Hardened, precision-ground, polished with an anti-rust finish.
• Milled Handles: Designed for a non-slip grip.

• 34pc Metric Taps and Dies: Sizes include M3x0.5, M3x0.6, M4x0.7, M4x0.75, M5х0.9, M6x0.75, M6x1, M7x0.75, M5x0.8, M7x1, |M8x1, M8x1.25, M10х1.5, M10x1.5, M12x1.5, M12x1.75

• 1pc SAE 1/8-27 tool

• 3pc Tap and Die Handles

• 1pc Screw Pitch Gauge: One piece included for accurate measurement of thread pitches.

• 1pc Mini Screwdriver: One piece included for smaller, precision tasks.


-- Ideal for Automotive Repairs: The set's range of tools can handle the threading needs of various automotive parts.
-- Perfect for Construction Projects: The durability and precision offered by this set make it suitable for construction applications.
-- Great for Home DIY Projects: The set's versatility and user-friendly design cater to the various needs of home DIY enthusiasts.
-- Suitable for Professional Use: The quality and variety of the tools make it a reliable choice for professionals in diverse fields.
-- Excellent for On-Site Services: With its comprehensive range of tools, the set is an excellent addition to mobile workshops or on-site services.

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