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33pc Pink Home DIY Hand Tool Kit Set in a Metal Barn Style Tool Box. Includes Hacksaw, Plumber's Pliers and Dust Glasses
SKU: DT90103


This comprehensive tool kit set is the ideal solution for anyone looking to delve into DIY, repairs, and maintenance tasks. Designed with beginners in mind, it offers a carefully curated selection of the most used hand tools in a vibrant color scheme that adds an element of fun to any project.

The set is housed in a classic metal toolbox, ensuring organization and easy transport. Perfect for homeowners, aspiring mechanics, electricians, or anyone looking to gain practical skills, this kit provides a head start in the world of DIY.


This tool kit set is designed to empower users to take the first steps into DIY. It includes the most used hand tools for basic projects like assembly, repair, and maintenance. Carefully chosen for entry-level users, these tools offer the opportunity to learn real, practical skills in a hands-on manner. From hammering to sawing, cutting, tightening fasteners, and pulling wiring, users can experience the satisfaction of completing projects independently.

Keeping tools organized and mobile is essential in any DIY endeavor. This tool kit set is neatly packed in a classic metal toolbox, making it easy to carry to any project location. Whether you're a renter, homemaker, student, or professional, this toolbox keeps your hand tools tidy and within easy reach. It's a convenient storage solution that ensures the longevity of your tools and enhances efficiency.

Constructed with high-quality materials, these tools are designed to last. They offer the versatility needed to tackle a variety of tasks, from construction and fixing to maintenance. This tool kit set offers durability and reliability, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced DIY enthusiasts. It's a versatile set that can handle anything from installing and assembling to screw-driving and opening up, cutting, and trimming.


• Screwdrivers Set: 1pc Screwdriver: 1/4" Slotted - CRV, 1pc Screwdriver: #2 Phillips- CRV, 1pc Stubby Screwdriver: 1/4" Slotted - CRV, 1pc Stubby Screwdriver: #2 Phillips- CRV, 2pc Precision Screwdriver: Phillips #0, Slotted 2.5mm.
• Bit Driver Handle: 1pc Bit Driver- CRV, 10 x 25mm CRV Bits: PH1, PH2, PH3, 5/32", 3/16",1/4", T9, T10, T15, T20.
• General Hand Tools: 1pc Groove Joint Pliers (8" / 200mm), 1pc Long Nose Pliers (6" / 150mm), 1pc 8' Adjustable Wrench.
• Junior Hacksaw: 5 Spare Hacksaw Replacements: 2 x 24 teeth for fine sawing in hard materials, 3 x 16 teeth for rough sawing in soft materials.
• Claw Hammer: 8oz / 225g with Fiberglass handle.
• Measuring Tools: 1pc 12ft 3.5m Transparent Tape Measure- Metric & SAE, 1pc 9" Pink Plastic Level.
• Adjustable Dust Glasses: 1pc Dust glasses with adjustable arms and 1pc Pink Glasses Bag.
• Metal Box: 36.5*16.5*13cm. Classic Barn style sheet-steel tool box with a handle and latch.


-- Home Repairs: This tool kit set is perfect for tackling common household repairs.
-- DIY Projects: The range of tools included allows users to undertake a variety of DIY projects.
-- Assembling Furniture: The inclusion of screwdrivers and pliers makes assembling furniture a breeze.
-- Garage Work: Mechanics can benefit from the versatility and durability of these tools.
-- Learning Practical Skills: This set offers an ideal way for beginners to learn practical DIY skills.

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