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34pc Pink Home DIY Hand Tool Kit Set including Bits, Dust Glasses and a 100pc Wall Hanging Kit
SKU: ‎DT40205


For the everyday DIY enthusiast and the serious handy persons alike, a reliable and comprehensive set of tools is indispensable. This kit delivers just that, combining practicality with durability in a compact package. Wrapped in a vibrant cool-blue styling, this set is designed to make everyday fixing and maintenance tasks easier and faster.

The selection of tools included in this set are not just the most commonly used, but also the most essential for varying tasks around the household. From new homeowners to seasoned DIY experts, this toolkit brings convenience and efficiency right at your fingertips.


ESSENTIAL FOR EVERY TASK - The toolkit is designed for versatility, capable of handling everything from installing fixtures and fittings, putting up frames, to assembling furniture and replacing parts. These are not just tools, they're the answer to all your DIY needs. Whether it's an emergency maintenance task, yard work, or moving apartments, this set has got you covered.

QUALITY MEETS FUNCTIONALITY - The toolkit includes screwdrivers and a bit set for all commonly used screws, pliers for nuts, bolts and wires, and a hammer for those nail tasks. Each tool is crafted from high-quality materials for longevity. A 100-piece wall hanging kit, measuring tape, clamps, dust glasses and more round out this comprehensive package.

CONVENIENT AND COMPACT - The toolkit comes in a hard-wearing bag with outside pockets, offering easy accessibility and organization. Its compact design allows for easy storage and transport, ensuring you have the right tool at your disposal whenever and wherever you need it.


• Most-reached-for tools for daily tasks
• Suitable for installing fixtures and fittings, assembling furniture, opening and replacing parts
• Includes a hammer and a 100-piece wall hanging kit
• Comes with a measuring tape, clamps, and dust glasses
• Contains screwdrivers and a bit set for all commonly used screws
• Features pliers for handling nuts, bolts, and wires
• Comes in a hard-wearing tool bag with outside pockets


• Packed & Easy to Carry: Stylish pink and black-trim tool bag made from durable Oxford Cloth. Measures 30.0x17.5x16.5cm and weighs 1.8kg with tools.
• Normal Bit Driver Handle: Detachable double-sided bit holder for regular and precision screws. Includes 20 Insert Driver Bits: PH3, SL4-5-6, T9-10-15-20, PH000, SL1-1.5-2.0.
• Screwdrivers & Adhesive Electrical Tape: Ideal for installing fixtures, fixing loose knobs or hinges, and replacing fuses.
• Level and Clamps: Spirit Torpedo Level for straightening shelves and frames. Two 4cm jaw Spring Clamps included.
• Pliers and Scissors: Combination Pliers for wire tasks and useful Kitchen Scissors.
• Test Pencil, Measuring Tape & More: Includes two screwdrivers, a hex allen key set, extendable arms, a pouch, a 3.5m Retractable Tape Measure (Imperial/SAE and Metric Units), precision screwdrivers, and cable zip ties
• Scraping & Hanging: Comes with a 4cm Wallpaper/Paint Stripper and a 100 piece wall picture hanging set.
• General Purpose Hammer: Suitable for picture hanging, light tapping of nails, and fixing parts.

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