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3pc 8" Titanium-Bonded Non-Stick Tension Adjustable Scissors
SKU: DT30356


This set of three 8" scissors, featuring titanium-bonded non-stick blades, offers unparalleled strength and durability. Designed to effortlessly cut through tape, Velcro fasteners, and other adhesives, these scissors are a versatile addition to any tool collection.

With an adjustable glide feature for optimal cutting performance and soft ergonomic handles for maximum comfort, these scissors promise an efficient and comfortable cutting experience. Whether it's a simple task at home or a professional project, they deliver high performance every time.


CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY – These scissors are equipped with high-performance titanium-bonded blades, offering three times the strength of stainless steel. The non-stick coating on the blades makes them corrosion and adhesive resistant, ensuring smooth-cutting and residue-free use for years. This breakthrough technology offers an adhesive-resistant, easy-to-clean, and longer-lasting cutting edge, making these scissors an exceptional value.

ADJUSTABLE GLIDE FEATURE – What sets these scissors apart is their no tool adjustable technology. By simply using a coin, the tension can be adjusted for optimal cutting performance. This means less tension for thin materials and higher tension for thicker ones, making these scissors a one-solution tool for all cutting needs.

DESIGNED FOR COMFORT – The redesigned, ergonomic, contoured, soft handles provide maximum comfort during use. They prevent discomfort and fatigue, allowing for easier cutting no matter the material. The inclusion of a finger rest improves grip and adds comfort. With these features, these scissors promise a comfortable and efficient cutting experience.


• Titanium-Bonded Non-Stick Scissors: 8" in length, Features: High-performance titanium-bonded blades, non-stick coated for corrosion and adhesive resistance.
• Adjustable Glide Feature: No tool adjustable technology, allows for tension adjustment using a coin for optimal cutting performance.
• Ergonomic Handles: Redesigned, contoured, soft handles for maximum comfort. Features: Finger rest for improved grip and added comfort.


-- Cutting Tape: The non-stick blades make these scissors perfect for cutting through adhesive tapes without residue buildup.
-- Craft Projects: The adjustable tension allows for precise cuts in intricate crafting projects.
-- Fabric Cutting: Their strength makes them suitable for cutting through heavy fabrics.
-- Office Use: Ideal for everyday office tasks like opening envelopes or cutting through packaging.
-- Kitchen Use: The corrosion-resistant blades are safe for food preparation tasks.

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