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3pc Garden Pruning Shears Set, Double-Blade Grafting Knife and Trimming Secateurs
SKU: DT30357


Presenting a comprehensive set of professional-grade gardening tools, each designed to make pruning work easier and more efficient. The set includes a double-blade grafting knife, heavy-duty pruning shears, and tree trimming secateurs, all housed neatly in a stiff fabric tool bag.

Each tool is crafted from high-quality stainless steel and fitted with high-strength ABS plastic handles for durability and comfort. With a safety lock feature on each pair of scissors and protective covers included, this set ensures safe handling while making light work of various cutting needs.


SUPERIOR MATERIALS – Each tool in this set is made from high-quality stainless steel, promising durability and sharpness. The rust-resistant blades cut through branches effortlessly, while the non-slip ABS plastic handles reduce wrist strain and enhance comfort. This combination of superior materials and ergonomic design ensures the longevity and effectiveness of these tools.

SAFETY FIRST – Safety is paramount with each tool fitted with a safety lock. This feature securely closes the sharp blade when not in use, ensuring safety and reliability. Further bolstering safety are the protective covers included in the set, providing an extra layer of protection when the tools are stored away.

DUAL-PURPOSE GRAFTING KNIFE – The set includes a dual-purpose grafting knife with both curved and straight blades. This versatile tool, with its sharp and durable stainless steel blade coupled with a comfortable wooden handle, allows for efficient cutting of scion and stock. This versatility makes it a valuable addition to the set.


• Double-Blade Grafting Knife: Material: High-quality stainless steel blade with a wooden handle, Features: Curved and straight blade options for versatile grafting needs.
• Heavy Duty Pruning Shears: Material: High-quality stainless steel, Features: High-strength ABS plastic handles, safety lock for secure storage.
• Tree Trimmers Secateurs: Material: High-quality stainless steel, Features: Non-slip ABS plastic handles for comfortable operation.


-- Pruning: The heavy-duty pruning shears are ideal for trimming and shaping plants.
-- Grafting: The dual-purpose grafting knife is perfect for grafting various plants.
-- Tree Trimming: The tree trimmers secateurs make light work of trimming trees and bushes.
-- Floral Arranging: The straight serrated scissor can be used for cutting stems for floral arrangements.
-- Cutting Materials: Beyond gardening, the straight serrated scissor can also be used for cutting materials like paper.

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