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3pc Terminal Crimping Tool with Replaceable Jaws and a Screwdriver. Includes Box Sets of 1170pc Connectors
SKU: DT40571


Unveiling a comprehensive solution for all wiring and crimping tasks, this kit is a testament to versatility and quality. With two interchangeable jaws, an array of connectors, and a high-grade screwdriver, it ensures efficient completion of any electrical project, from equipment switches to household electronics.

The kit's design prioritizes user comfort and ease of operation. Its ratcheting terminal crimper features an adjustable star wheel mechanism, reducing manual effort and enhancing precision. Made from high-strength alloy steel, it promises durability and robustness, making it an indispensable tool for every home improvement enthusiast.


VERSATILITY AT ITS BEST - This kit offers unparalleled versatility with its two replaceable jaws, catering to a wide array of insulated crimp terminals and connectors. Whether one is dealing with equipment switches, batteries, cars, or electronic components with pins, this kit has got it covered. The inclusion of 1170 cable connectors, split into two practical sets, further extends the range of applications, making it a truly comprehensive wiring solution.

EFFICIENT AND USER-FRIENDLY - The design of the crimping tool is centered around user comfort and efficiency. The full-cycle ratcheting terminal crimper features an adjustable star wheel that can be easily tweaked using the included screwdriver. This unique mechanism reduces manual effort by up to 50%, ensuring a smooth and effortless crimping process. Moreover, the soft grip handle of the crimper provides maximum comfort during long working sessions, making it an absolute pleasure to use.

BUILT TO LAST - When it comes to durability, this kit doesn't compromise. The tools are constructed from high-strength chrome vanadium steel, promising longevity and consistent performance. This industrial-grade material can withstand the rigors of regular use, making the kit a reliable companion for all home improvement tasks. Quality and durability go hand in hand in this kit, ensuring that it remains a valuable part of any DIY toolkit for years to come.


• 1 x Crimping pliers: High-strength alloy steel construction with an adjustable ratchet mechanism for easy operation.
• 2 x Interchangeable jaws: HS-40J (0.25-6mm², A.W.G.23-10) and HS-10WF (0.25-10mm², A.W.G.23-7) for versatile crimping needs.
• 1 x Screwdriver: Included for adjusting the tightness of the crimping pliers.
• 800 x Tubular terminals: A wide array of connectors for various applications.
• 370 x Insulated cable terminals: Additional connectors for insulated cables.


-- Wiring Equipment Switches: With its versatile range of connectors, the kit makes wiring equipment switches a breeze.
-- Battery Connections: The robust crimping tool and the abundance of connectors make it ideal for creating secure battery connections.
-- Car Electrical Repairs: From wiring car stereos to fixing car light systems, the kit has got it covered.
-- Household Electronics: It is perfect for repairing or installing household electronics like televisions, home theaters, and kitchen appliances.
-- DIY Projects: The user-friendly design and comprehensive tool selection make this kit a reliable choice for home DIY enthusiasts.

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3pc Terminal Crimping Tool with Replaceable Jaws and a Screwdriver. Includes Box Sets of 1170pc Connectors
SKU: DT40571

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