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2pc Self-adjustable Ferrule Crimping Ratcheting Pliers Tool Kit Set including 1pc Box Set of 2000pc Terminals
SKU: DT40568


Enter the realm of easy and efficient electrical repairs, where a versatile toolkit offers a comprehensive solution for both small DIY projects and larger undertakings. This set, complete with a ferrule crimping tool and an abundance of insulated wiring terminals, ensures that no project is too big or too small.

Crafted with professional quality and precision, this kit is designed to reduce work hours for electricians, upfitters, and builders. Its ergonomic design, coupled with a labour-saving ratcheting device, enhances the crimping process, ensuring a comfortable and rewarding user experience.


VERSATILITY AND EFFICIENCY - The toolkit is a marvel of versatility and efficiency, equipped to handle a wide range of insulated and non-insulated connectors. With a crimping area of 0.25-10 mm², it caters to AWG 23-7, making it a reliable companion for electrical repairs and installations.

ERGONOMIC AND EASY TO USE - A standout feature is the self-adjusting crimper plier tool. It automatically adjusts to the appropriate diameter for crimping according to terminal requirements, making operation effortless. Additionally, the handle design incorporates a non-slip nylon handle with a lever principle, enhancing the crimping effect and ensuring a firm grip.

QUALITY AND SAFETY - Quality and safety are at the forefront with this toolkit. It comes with a quick release safety lock and a special four-mandrel crimping style for square crimp. The high-quality crimping standard ensures repeatable crimping action, providing users with consistent, reliable results.


• Self-adjustable Ferrule Crimping Tool: Adapts to terminal requirements, crimping area of 0.25-10 mm², AWG 23-7.
• 2000pc Insulated Wiring Terminals: Tin-plated copper terminals, smooth surface, resistant to oxidation.
• Ergonomic Handle: Non-slip nylon handle with lever principle for enhanced crimping effects.
• Ratcheting Device: Adjustable ratchet structure for improved work efficiency.
• Quick Release Safety Lock: Ensures safe operation during use.
• ABS Plastic Handle: Thickened design offering a comfortable grip, made from environmentally friendly materials.
• PVC Flame Retardant Material: Offers high-level protection, ensuring safety and security.


-- Electrical Repairs: The kit's versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of electrical repairs, from replacing faulty wiring to installing new components.
-- DIY Projects: The easy-to-use tools and comprehensive range of terminals make the kit ideal for tackling small DIY projects around the home.
-- Professional Use: Its professional craftsmanship and quality make it a reliable choice for electricians and builders.
-- Home Improvement: Perfect for homeowners looking to undertake home improvement projects that involve electrical work.
-- Craft Projects: The precision tools and variety of terminals can also be used in various craft projects that require wiring or electrical components.

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