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3pc Wood Flooring Installation Kit with Double-Faced Mallet, Accessories and 40pc Spacers
SKU: DT40578


For those who value precision and efficiency in their home improvement projects, this comprehensive flooring installation kit is an indispensable tool. Robustly constructed and thoughtfully designed, it's a versatile solution for installing laminate or hardwood flooring with ease.

The kit's standout features include a heavy-duty mallet, an upgraded pull bar, a durable tapping block, and 40 spacers. These tools are designed to handle the rigors of repeated use while ensuring a high-quality finish, making this kit a reliable choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.


SUPERIOR STRENGTH - The 40 mm 20oz double-headed rubber mallet in this kit is a testament to its focus on robustness. With a 265mm long handle, it provides ample leverage for efficient strikes, making it easier to fit floor panels snugly. The mallet's double-headed design allows for a balanced strike, reducing the chance of damaging the flooring material.

ENHANCED DESIGN - The pull bar in this kit has been upgraded to be 4mm thick and 12 inches long, which helps resist bending and deformation during use. The end of the pull bar that connects with the wooden floor is widened to prevent damage to the floor, a thoughtful design element that underscores the kit's commitment to quality installation.

EASE AND CONVENIENCE - The kit includes 40 spacers, simplifying the process of installing laminate wood flooring. The spacers ensure consistent gaps between floor panels, which is crucial for preventing buckling due to expansion. Also included is a solid tapping block that is designed to withstand countless blows, adding to the kit's durability.


• Double-Headed Mallet: 40 mm, 20oz, with a 265mm long handle for better leverage.
• Upgraded Pull Bar: 4mm thick, 12 inches long, with a widened end to prevent floor damage.
• Solid Tapping Block: Designed to withstand countless blows, ensuring durability.
• 40 Spacers: Facilitate consistent gap maintenance between floor panels, essential for preventing buckling due to expansion.
• Flooring Compatibility: Suitable for 0.27in (7mm) - 0.6in (15mm) laminate or hardwood flooring.


-- Laminate Flooring Installation: The kit's tools are designed to facilitate the precise fitting of laminate panels, making it an ideal choice for DIY enthusiasts.
-- Hardwood Flooring Installation: With its robust mallet and solid tapping block, this kit can handle the demands of installing hardwood flooring.
-- Professional Flooring Services: Given its durability and versatility, this kit is a reliable choice for professionals offering flooring installation services.
-- Home Renovation Projects: The kit's user-friendly design makes it a handy tool for homeowners undertaking renovation projects.
-- Workshop Use: The kit's robust construction and comprehensive set of tools make it a valuable addition to any workshop.

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