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4pc Wood Flooring Installation Kit with Double-Faced Mallet, Accessories and 40pc Spacers
SKU: DT40577


A seamless blend of functionality and durability, this flooring installation kit is the go-to solution for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Crafted with high-strength materials, it offers a comprehensive set of tools designed to facilitate laminate or hardwood flooring installation. The kit's components, including a double-faced mallet, pull bar, tapping block, and spacers, are all engineered to withstand repeated use without compromising on performance.

The kit's standout feature is its adaptability to various flooring thicknesses, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of projects. The thoughtful design elements like the detachable mallet heads and the upgraded pull bar ensure that every flooring installation job is a breeze, regardless of the complexity.


DURABILITY AT ITS FINEST - Within the kit lies the high-strength fiberglass handle mallet, designed with a non-slip rubber grip to absorb vibration and provide a comfortable grip. The mallet features a double-faced solid rubber head that delivers a softened yet positive strike, ideal for ensuring a snug fit for floor panels. Moreover, the detachable mallet head design comes with two free replacement heads, extending the tool's lifespan and offering peace of mind should the original heads go missing or get damaged.

ENHANCED DESIGN FOR EASE OF USE - The 12.2 inch long, 4.5mm thick pull bar is an upgrade from standard models. With its extended length and increased thickness, it is designed to resist bending and deformation. The pull bar's widened edge and absence of sharp edges protect the floor from scratches during installation, adding an extra layer of protection to your flooring project.

VERSATILITY AND CONVENIENCE IN ONE KIT - The kit includes a solid tapping block that can withstand countless blows, proving to be more durable than its hollow counterparts. Accompanied by 40 spacers, this 45-in-1 set is designed to make laminate wood flooring installation more convenient and easier. Suitable for 0.27in (7mm) - 0.6in (15mm) laminate or hardwood flooring, this kit is ideal for both domestic and professional use.


• Double-Faced Mallet: High-strength fiberglass handle with non-slip rubber grip.
• Detachable Mallet Heads: Two free replacements provided for extended tool lifespan.
• Pull Bar: Upgraded 12.2 inch long, 4.5mm thick design resists bending and deformation.
• Solid Tapping Block: Can withstand countless blows, more durable than hollow versions.
• Spacers: 40 pieces included for accurate floor panel spacing.
• Application Range: Suitable for 0.27in (7mm) - 0.6in (15mm) laminate or hardwood flooring.


-- Laminate Flooring Installation: The kit's tools are designed to facilitate the precise fitting of laminate panels, making it an ideal choice for DIY enthusiasts.
-- Hardwood Flooring Installation: With its robust mallet and solid tapping block, this kit can handle the demands of installing hardwood flooring.
-- Professional Flooring Services: Given its durability and versatility, this kit is a reliable choice for professionals offering flooring installation services.
-- Home Renovation Projects: The kit's user-friendly design makes it a handy tool for homeowners undertaking renovation projects.
-- Workshop Use: The kit's robust construction and comprehensive set of tools make it a valuable addition to any workshop.

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4pc Wood Flooring Installation Kit with Double-Faced Mallet, Accessories and 40pc Spacers
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