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4pc Metal Locking C-Clamp Set. Locking Pliers with Fixed and Swivel Pads
SKU: DT40138


Forged from carbon steel, these clamps offer impeccable toughness and strength. The design incorporates a heat-treated adjusting rod and serrated jaws for a strong clamping force, ensuring your work-pieces stay in place.

The adjustable design of these clamps makes them easy to fit to your specific needs. With a quick-release handle and a fine-tuning knob, adjustments are not only convenient but also labor-saving. The inclusion of a spring further ensures good tensile force for a firm hold.


DURABLE AND ROBUST - These clamps are forged from high-grade carbon steel, ensuring durability and robustness. The serrated jaws offer a strong clamping force, making sure your workpieces don't move during intricate tasks.

ADJUSTABLE AND CONVENIENT - Thanks to the fine-tuning knob design, you can easily adjust the clamp to your desired size. The quick-release handle saves time and effort, making your work more efficient.

VERSATILE AND ESSENTIAL - The clamps are available in three sizes to suit various tasks. Whether you're an electrician, welder, or a DIY enthusiast, these clamps will prove to be an essential part of your toolkit.


• 6-inch Locking C-Clamp with Fixed Pad: Carbon steel jaw, stamped steel plate handle.
• 6-inch Locking C-Clamp with Swivel Pad: Carbon steel jaw, quick-release handle.
• 9-inch Locking C-Clamp with Swivel Pad: Carbon steel jaw, fine-tuning knob.
• 11-inch Locking C-Clamp with Swivel Pad: Carbon steel jaw, spring for good tensile force.


-- Ideal for riveting tasks, providing a secure grip on workpieces for accurate alignment.
-- Perfect for welding projects, offering a firm hold on workpieces for precise welding.
-- Great for grinding tasks, holding pieces firmly in place for accurate grinding.
-- Suitable for woodworkers, providing a quick and efficient way to clamp boards or frames.
-- Essential for electricians, ensuring a secure hold on electrical components during installations

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