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4pc Precision Mini Pick & Hook Tool Set
SKU: DT30158


This set of four precision tools is crafted for functionality and durability. Each tool, from the 90 degree pick to the straight pick, is made from heat-treated CR-V steel, ensuring an enduring performance that resists both rust and corrosion.

The ergonomic design of these tools is as impressive as their robust construction. Each one features a rubber handle that offers a comfortable, non-slip grip, perfect for precise work in tight spaces. Despite their sturdiness, these tools are surprisingly lightweight and compact, making them a handy addition to any toolkit.


Cr-V STEEL QUALITY- Constructed from heat-treated CR-V steel, these tools offer unparalleled strength and durability. Resistant to rust and corrosion, they promise a long-lasting performance that withstands the test of time. These tools are designed to be sturdy yet light, offering the perfect balance between robustness and ease of handling.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN- The ergonomic rubber handle of these tools ensures a comfortable, non-slip grip. This thoughtful design feature allows users to focus on their precise work without the distraction of discomfort or the risk of the tool slipping out of their hands. It's the perfect blend of convenience and control.

MULTIPURPOSE FUNCTIONALITY- These tools offer a wide range of applications, from pulling O-rings and clips to removing gaskets and washers. Their compact size makes them ideal for working in tight spaces, while their varied shapes - including 90 degree pick, 45 degree hook, and 135 degree combination pick - ensure there's a tool for every need.


• 90 Degree Pick

Heat-Treated CR-V Steel
Ideal for probing and punching holes

• 45 Degree Hook
Heat-Treated CR-V Steel
Perfect for retrieving and positioning small parts

• 135 Degree Combination Pick
Heat-Treated CR-V Steel
Great for multi-purpose use

• Straight Pick
Heat-Treated CR-V Steel
Ideal for intricate tasks


-- Pulling O-Rings: The precision tips allow for easy and safe removal of O-rings in any application.
-- Removing Clips: The tools can be used to effectively remove clips without causing damage.
-- Extracting Gaskets: With their sturdy construction, these tools are perfect for removing worn-out gaskets.
-- Retrieving Washers: The hook tool is particularly effective at retrieving washers in tight spaces.
-- Managing Wires: These tools can be used to position wires effectively, making them ideal for electrical work.

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