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10pc Hook, Pick, Scraper & Pick-Up Tool Kit Set. Includes Telescopic Magnetic LED Pickup Tool
SKU: DT40132


Designed to tackle a myriad of tasks in busy garages and workshops, this versatile tool kit is a must-have. It contains both full-size and precision tools, adept at hooking, aligning, prying, positioning, and cleaning components, parts, and accessories in any repair, installation, or maintenance job.

The kit's usefulness extends beyond its primary tools, with the inclusion of a telescopic magnetic pick-up tool with an integrated LED light. This feature not only aids in retrieving dropped or out-of-reach items but also illuminates hard-to-see spaces, making every job easier.


DIVERSE UTILITY - The tool kit is designed with the needs of mechanics in mind. It enables easy handling of O-rings, gaskets, oil seals, and washers, and simplifies tasks like unhooking radiator springs, disconnecting electrical connections, and removing fuses.

ROBUST CONSTRUCTION - Each tool in the kit is crafted from heat-treated carbon steel for enhanced hardness. An electroplated surface coating adds corrosion resistance, extending the tool's lifespan. Chunky handles with inlaid rubber non-slip grips ensure comfort and control during use.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES - The kit includes a magnetic pick-up tool with a powerful Neodymium magnet tip and integrated LED light. It's perfect for collecting dropped components and searching in dark spaces. The tools are securely kept in a splash-proof polyester Oxford Cloth weave roll-up bag, ensuring easy storage and transportation.


• 4 x Full-Size Size Hook and Pick Tools - 250mm/10in total length
Full Hook; Rounded Right-Angle Hook; 90degree Right-Angle Hook; Straight Pick
• 1 x Scraper tool with a thicker 7.8mm shank
• 4 x Precision-Size Size Hook and Pick Tools - 162mm/6-3/8in total length
Full Hook; 45degree Hook; 90degree Right-Angle Hook; Straight Pick
• 1 x Magnetic Pick-Up & LED Tool - 800mm/2ft 7-1/2in total length
Neodymium magnetic tip picks up to 3.6kb/8lb
• Materials: All tools in this kit are made from heat-treated carbon steel, ensuring high hardness and durability. They are further enhanced with an electroplated surface coating for added corrosion resistance.
• Handles: Each tool is fitted with a rubber non-slip grip. This design feature ensures comfort and control during use, reducing hand fatigue and improving accuracy.
• Storage Bag: For easy storage and transportation, the kit includes a splash-proof roll-up bag made from durable polyester Oxford Cloth weave.


-- Ideal for automotive repairs, enabling easy handling of O-rings, gaskets, seals, and washers.
-- Perfect for electrical maintenance, simplifying the unplugging and disconnecting of electrical connections.
-- Useful in general garage and workshop tasks, such as unhooking radiator springs or removing fuses.
-- Suitable for household DIY projects, offering a range of tools for various tasks.
-- Excellent for retrieving dropped components or searching in dark spaces, thanks to the magnetic pick-up tool with integrated LED light.

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