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5pc Premium Kitchen Scissors Set with TPR Comfort-Hold Handles - 9.1”/9.6"/8.5"/6.4"/5.4"
SKU: DT30354


Crafted from knife-grade stainless steel, this set of kitchen scissors offers unparalleled durability and sharpness. With a rigidity four times that of ordinary stainless steel, these blades promise long-lasting use without rusting. The ergonomic TPR handles provide a comfortable grip, ensuring effortless cutting during extensive culinary tasks.

Comprising five different sized scissors, this set caters to a range of kitchen needs. From heavy-duty tasks to more delicate cutting requirements, this set eliminates the need for additional kitchen scissors. It's versatile enough to cut through chicken bones, hold roast chicken, barbecue, cut meat, seafood, paper skin, packaging bags, and even crack walnuts and open bottle caps.


RUST-RESISTANT MATERIALS - The blades of these kitchen scissors are made from knife-grade stainless steel, offering exceptional durability and sharpness. The enhanced rigidity, which is four times that of ordinary stainless steel, ensures these scissors can withstand rigorous use without rusting or losing their edge.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The comfort of the user is at the heart of the design. The scissors feature ergonomic TPR handles that fit the fingers well, providing a comfortable grip. This thoughtful design aspect makes these scissors easy to use, reducing hand fatigue during extended periods of use.

VERSATILE APPLICATIONS - This bundle includes five scissors of varying sizes, catering to a wide array of kitchen tasks. Whether it's cutting chicken bones, holding roast chicken, barbecuing, cutting meat, seafood, paper skin, packaging bags, cracking walnuts, or opening bottle caps, these scissors have it covered. Their versatility eliminates the need for additional kitchen scissors, making them a valuable addition to any kitchen.


• Heavy-duty All-purpose Scissors: 9.6" in size, made of knife-grade stainless steel, with ergonomic TPR handle.
• Four Different Sizes of Scissors: 9.1", 8.5", 6.4", and 5.4" respectively, made of knife-grade stainless steel, with ergonomic TPR handles.


-- Cutting Chicken Bones: The sharpness and rigidity of the scissors make them ideal for cutting through chicken bones.
-- Holding Roast Chicken: The larger scissors in the set can be used to securely hold roast chicken during carving.
-- Barbecuing: The durability of these scissors makes them suitable for use in barbecuing tasks.
-- Opening Packaging: The sharp blades allow for easy opening of packaging bags, reducing the need for additional tools.
-- Cracking Walnuts: The robust design of the scissors enables them to crack walnuts, adding to their multifunctionality.

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