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67pc Pink Home DIY Hand Tool Kit Set including a 40pc Wall Hanging Kit. In a Ladies Clutch-Bag Style Case
SKU: DT9710


A comprehensive solution to everyday DIY tasks, this 67-piece toolkit is an essential addition to any household or workspace. Encased in a compact, clutch-bag style case, it combines functionality with style, ensuring that every task is tackled with ease and efficiency.

The vibrant pink trim adds a touch of personality to the kit, making it a standout choice for practical maintenance and fixing tasks. With its robust construction and easy-to-use design, this toolkit is perfect for homeowners, students, and DIY enthusiasts alike.


A COMPLETE TOOLSET - The toolkit offers a comprehensive assortment of hand tools, meticulously designed for a wide array of repair tasks and DIY projects. Each tool is crafted for optimal performance, with the entire set neatly organized in a compact hard-plastic case for easy accessibility.

STYLE MEETS FUNCTIONALITY - This isn't just a regular toolkit. The clutch-style design of the case adds a unique flair to the kit, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a blend of practicality and style. The lively pink trim ensures it stands out, whether in the confines of a home, apartment, college dorm, or office.

DIY MADE EASY - The toolkit is not just about getting the job done; it's about making the process enjoyable. It simplifies DIY tasks, making them less of a chore and more of a rewarding experience. Whether it's installing fixtures or turning screws, there is a tool for every task, all conveniently housed in a compact case that's easy to carry and store.


• Adjustable Crescent Wrench: Ideal for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts.
• Long / Needle Nose Pliers: Perfect for gripping wires in hard-to-reach places, includes cutters.
• Claw Hammer: General-purpose hammer with non-slip grip, ideal for nails.
• Full Size Screwdrivers: Includes commonly used and precision screwdrivers.
• Bit Driver Handle: Versatile handle compatible with various driver bits.
• Driver Bit Set: Comprehensive set of popular screwdriver bits for household use.
• Kitchen Scissors: Stainless steel scissors for easy cutting tasks.
• Torpedo Spirit Level: Useful for aligning shelves and brackets.
• Retractable Tape Measure: Measures up to 3.5m/9ft, perfect for measuring larger spaces.
• Wall Hanging Box Set: Includes nails, hooks, and wall anchors/plugs for hanging decor.


-- Installing fixtures and fittings: The set includes all the necessary tools for easily installing fixtures in your home or workplace.
-- Tackling DIY tasks: With its comprehensive selection of tools, this kit makes DIY tasks a breeze.
-- Quick repairs and fixes: The toolkit is compact and portable, allowing for fast and efficient repairs wherever needed.
-- Gifting for special occasions: Its stylish design and practical utility make it an ideal gift for new homeowners, students, or DIY enthusiasts.

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