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6pc 240mm Long-Reach Precision Pick & Hook Tool Set
SKU: DT30157


A well-constructed pick and hook set is integral to both general workshop operations and automotive tasks. This comprehensive set caters to a multitude of needs, from scribing and aligning to cleaning grooves and positioning wires. The high-precision, angled puller/remover tools are particularly adept at handling delicate car parts such as oil seals, O-rings, fuses, and worn gaskets.

The long-reach design of this set is complemented by an ergonomic handle, ensuring comfort even during prolonged use. The soft, non-slip grip is ideal for the rigours of tough jobs or the precision required in handcrafting jewellery.


VERSATILITY AT ITS FINEST - A toolset that excels in both automotive and engineering applications. It's perfect for tasks like removing small fuses, separating wires, and taking out O rings. With differently shaped tips included, this set ensures there's always a tool that fits the task at hand.

BUILT TO LAST - Each tool is forged and hardened from carbon steel, promising longevity and robustness. Encased in black oxide, these tools resist rust and corrosion, making them a reliable addition to any toolbox.

COMFORT AND CONTROL - With an ergonomic handle and a soft, non-slip grip, this set is designed for all-day comfort. Whether it's for tough mechanical jobs or delicate jewellery crafting, these tools offer the perfect balance between comfort and control.


• Straight Tool: Ideal for probing and punching holes.
• Half Round Tool: Perfect for scraping and cleaning grooves.
• Right Angle Tool: Useful for hooking and pulling small components.
• Swan Neck Tool: Allows for reaching around obstacles in confined spaces.
• 45°-95° Tips: Offers a wide range of angles for versatile use.
• 40°-45° Tips: Ideal for precise tasks requiring specific angles


-- Removal of small fuses: The precision tips allow for easy and safe removal of small fuses in automotive applications.
-- Separating wires: The tools can be used to separate wires effectively and without causing damage.
-- Removing O rings: The right angle tool is particularly effective at hooking and removing O rings.
-- Cleaning grooves: The half round tool is excellent for scraping and cleaning grooves in mechanical parts.
-- Handcrafting jewellery: The precision and comfort offered by these tools make them ideal for delicate tasks like crafting jewellery.

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