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71pc Home DIY Hand Tool Kit Set including Hack Saw and Ratcheting Bit Handle
SKU: DT30085


Presenting a complete, versatile set of hand tools, expertly crafted for a wide range of applications. From wood, metal, craft, decoration to assembly, this kit is designed with the most commonly used tools for household repairs and maintenance tasks.

This robust collection is not just for home use but also caters to DIY enthusiasts. It encompasses all the essential tools needed for various projects, offering the convenience of having everything in one place. With this set, replacing screws, turning nuts, stripping wire, and other tasks become faster and easier.


ESSENTIAL FOR EVERY DIY ENTHUSIAST - This comprehensive tool set is an indispensable addition to any household or workshop. Each tool has been carefully selected based on its utility for common DIY projects and repairs. This set is designed to make DIY tasks quicker and simpler, whether it's replacing screws, turning nuts, stripping wire, or anything else that might come up in a typical home repair job.

TOP QUALITY AND DESIGN - Every tool in this set is made from high-grade steel alloy, ensuring strength and durability. The tools are chrome-plated to resist corrosion, extending their lifespan and maintaining their look. The screwdrivers feature non-slip cushion grips for improved comfort and control, and magnetic tips to hold screws firmly in place, making your work more efficient.

CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE STORAGE - The tools are neatly stored in a sturdy, blow-molded case with a built-in handle, allowing easy transport and storage. The case keeps the tools organized and protected, making it easy to find the right tool when you need it. The tools are heat-treated, further enhancing their durability and resistance to wear.


• 2" Magnetic Bits Holder: Convenient holder for bits
• 12' Tape Measure: For precise measurements
• Two 3" Metal Clamps: For holding objects together
• 6" Junior Hacksaw: For cutting through small items
• 6" Combination Pliers: Versatile tool for gripping and bending
• 6" Long Nose Pliers: Ideal for reaching into tight spaces
• 6" Side Cutting Pliers: For cutting wires and small objects
• 6" Stainless Steel Ruler: For accurate measurements
• 7" Carpenter Pencil: For marking measurements
• 8" Plastic Level: To ensure alignment
• 8" Adjustable Wrench: For tightening or loosening nuts and bolts
• 13oz Hammer: For nailing and removing nails
• 5"x10" Roofing Square: For marking out right angles
• Ratchet Bit Driver: For driving screws
• Four Screwdrivers: For a variety of screw types
• 18mm Knife: For precise cuts
• Eleven Hex Keys: For hex bolt heads
• Forty 1" Bits: For different screw heads


-- Home Repairs: This set is perfect for performing most household repair tasks, from assembling furniture to fixing minor plumbing issues.
-- DIY Projects: With a wide range of tools, this kit is ideal for various DIY projects, encouraging creativity and self-reliance.
-- Garage Maintenance: The tools in this set can aid in maintaining and repairing vehicles or other machinery stored in a garage.
-- Professional Use: Contractors and builders can also benefit from this set for their repair and construction tasks.
-- Gift Option: Given its versatility and completeness, it makes a perfect gift for college students, new homeowners, or anyone setting up a workshop.

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